6 Solid Oil Cleansers, der fjerner makeup med minimal indsats

Solid Cleansing Oil - LEAD
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Marianne Mychaskiw

20. april 2017 @ 10:00
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Hvad får du, når du kombinerer makeup-løftestyrken i en rensende olie med tekstur af din solide duft? A rensende balsam, which of course takes the nourishing qualities of oils and transfers them to a solid and more compact shape, TSA will probably not dry out of your bag. They work both dry and oily skin types, and you do not need more than one dollop to completely remove all traces of the day. Plus, thanks to the extra hydration, you do not have to go so hard on the serum line that typically follows your existing cleaner. Just push a little bit out of the jar, warm it up in your hands and spread the oil over your face. The heat from your skin helps activate the product, allow it to sit for a minute, then remove the balsmen either with a wet towel or rinse it with warm water.

Check out some of our favorite formulas below.

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