7 fonde, der er værd at spænde


Erin Lukas

10. oktober 2017 @ 14:30
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If you found * perfekt * the foundation, giving you the smooth, smooth, glowing color of your dreams, what does it mean if it cost more than your monthly mobile billing? Medmindre du vandt nylig vandt Powerball, sørger du sikkert for en masse.

Mens vi elsker kærester til makeupforretninger, i hierarkiet af makeup, kommer en fejlfri base altid først. For ikke at nævne, vi lader overtales af fancy emballage og påstandene om ingredienserne findes i high-end fundamenter. Therefore we have tested some of the most expensive fundamentals on the market to narrow down which formulas are actually worth hype and sometimes three-digit price tag.

The following foundations look as good in their luxurious bottles as they do on your face. Fortsæt scrolling for high-end fundamenterne, der er værd at splurging på.

VIDEO: 5 af de dyreste ansigter på markedet


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