7 Langvarige neglefarver, which will not end in weeks


Marianne Mychaskiw

17. juli 2017 @ 13:00
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Do you ever have a nail polish to the beach, only for it to be shredded every time you move? Sure, at the toes in the sand feels good, but the action makes a speech on your pedicure – especially if you do not seal the crafts with a durable overcoat. Overvej at bytte din gå til formel til en, der efterligner effekten og levetiden af ​​en gel manikyr, eller endda en faktisk gel manikyr. Both are probably more effective (and easier on the wallet) than to hit the salon every week and will remain shiny long after your sunburn is faded.

Køb de længstvarende nailfarver og de bedste DIY gel-muligheder nedenfor.

VIDEO: Sådan styrer du blokparticemanikyren

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