Abercrombie og Fitchs første nogensinde unisex dufte er en større aftale end du tror

Tilbage i min formative år arbejdede jeg hos Hollister i mit lokale indkøbscenter og ville lejlighedsvis afhente skift hos Abercrombie & Fitch. Begge stillinger var meget eftertragtede af Abercrombie-wearing crowd I went to high school and when I was picked up to work in the headroom, it was a big deal. It was rumored that beautiful people were picked to work on the front side, and whether it was a lie, it felt nice to be part of them. Years later I realized how flawless the logic was, especially after hearing news that many employees were appointed to the warehouses based on their appearance. These employees filed an action against the shops, and rightly so.

I worked in these stores probably a decade ago at this time and the clothes reflected very much era-low-slung jeans paired with either a logo tee or a low graphic setting with a fake business with blurred sexism worked into text. We were obliged to go around with a bottle of brand fragrance in both stores and spray down the room every 30 minutes. It has always triggered a headache for me, my mother would comment on how crazy I smelled every time I got into her car after a change, and even a decade removed, I still get flashbacks of being catcalled in the front door of dudes who would continue med at ødelægge hele min jean-mur.

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Both brands have not had the best rep in recent years – even before I worked there, the above graphic tees became under fire to show jokes based on Asian stereotypes and it was only the first in controversies around the aforementioned tees over the years kommer man. Tidligere administrerende direktør Mike Jeffries lavede grove kommentarer til, hvor mange mennesker ikke kan bære stoffet og derfor ikke høre i dem, så i sidste ende trampes ned i 2014. Branden has apparently purified their actions since then logo tees and replace their old campaigns with a mere varieret udvalg af modeller. To this point, A & F’s coming unisex fragrance as a small but important step in the right direction for progress.

Lancering af denne fredag ​​udbreder A & F en trio af dufte, der kan bæres af ethvert køn, for the purpose of being consistent with a more inclusive approach to gender expression. Emballagen is surprisingly pretty chic – when a bottle landed on my desk, I was pretty surprised that the smell was of A & F, and the juice in each vessel is far away from the bottle Fierce. I had to spray around the store to times every time.

Ellwood er en moskusbaseret duft med en ren citrus twist, og erstatter den hårde som smager i butikken. Ryder is a little higher aroma, blends amber with cedar tree notes, while Hempstead is heavy on the vetiver, making a lemongrass scent hardened by a touch of cypress. Duften vil komme online på abercrombie.com og i butikken fra fredag, prissat til $ 68 per pop.