Are there any fitness benefits by using the steam bath at your gym?

You may have been in a gym in the gym and noticed in the distant corner near the showers, which is a steam bath. And if you’re a normal spa goer or have enough time to relax in the closet after spin, there’s also a chance that you’ve never given it a second look. Mænd i betragtning af så mange fitnesscentre, wellnessfaciliteter og kurbade har dem som faciliteter, der skal være grund til at tage plads i et sted, der kunne always use mere treadmills around 6 PM rush, right?

Is there an advantage in stepping into the steam bath after an already steamy session of hot yoga, apart from just relaxing and giving you a chance to relax and Måske Bare vær stille i din tanker?

Ifølge Equinox Tier X Coach Matt Delaney, der behandler dig selv for et par minutter med højt temperament i dampbadet, det kan hjælpe med at forbedre omsætningen og nedsætte dit blodtryk ved at få dine blodkar til at udvide. “Additionally, the heat helps to relax the muscles, and the increase in circulation can increase the body’s inflammatory response after exercise, and help you get faster.”

If you have experienced that kind of pain, 45 minutes of squats and cardio can cause this, you may be fine now. Du kan allerede fylde dine flip-flops i din gym taske. So, there is a reason for your gym stored space in the closet for it. 

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Mænd husk, dampbadet er ikke et sted at bringe din mose og slappe af i lange perioder. If you are new to treatment, Delaney suggests starting with no more than 10 minutes and then increasing from there. Nevertheless, you will take some necessary precautions to ensure that it is as safe as possible. High temperatures and humidity can be scary. 

“En ting ved huske på efter træning ville være intensiteten i din session,” siger Delaney. “High intensity training with exercise tends to increase sweat, which may put you at a higher risk of drying, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids before, after and after,” he says..