Can this body care help you shine light like a diamond?

I do not want to say no, if anyone wants to send me a set of diamond sticks, but it’s quite good that I want to lose fine jewelry. So the better plan is to adhere to beauty products that are made with or shaped after precious stones. Crystal lip art? Jeg er hende for det. Ansigtsmasker infunderet med guld? ja.

And you can suppose everything I was down for body cream made with diamond dust! Soap & Glory netop fornyet sin berømte retfærdige body smør (tilsyneladende et karbad af disse ting sælges hvert 20. sekund) for a limited time and it will fulfill your 90’s body shimmer dreams. 

So let’s give a small background on the body butter first. Hendes arbejder vi med! Formlen er lavet med ingredienser som shea butter and coconut oil to hydrate your stems while it has a particularly comfortable citrus fragrance. Diamond Edition ($ 15; fik hunden en ekstravagant makeover. It’s infused with sparkling mica powder and diamond dust – and let me tell you that the world will be able to tell. 

It’s not just the glow your limbs get from moisturizing well. You’ll actually see light reflective shine and glitter over your arms and legs. I was incredibly liberal with my application, so I was shocked to see how glowed I was shining like a diamond (sorry, had to) when I got out of the shower. 

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Varemærket recommends you use it when you get out of the shower, which I totally agree with, but I will save it for your daytime beauty routine and maybe not when you are jumping in bed. Du vil have folk på se den glitter!

I carry it right now with an inferior jumpsuit, and I’m not going to lie, it makes everything seem much more glamorous – or at least allows me to give in to my 90’s Britney Spears goal in a kun “voksen” mode. You do what to do.