Celebrity is obsessed with this skin care line, and it’s worth hype

Første gang jeg hørte om Dr. Barbara Sturm, var da vampyrens ansigt lavet sine internetrunder efter Kim K.W. smurt sit eget blod over hele hendes ansigt. Dybest set was blodplasmainfunderet hudpleje all over, and Dr. Sturm became known for being a pioneer in the movement and formulating tailor made moisturizer created with it. After a little digging, I found out that she had a whole celebrity-approved skin care collection that sensed the blood. Vi taler berømtheder, der bogstaveligt talt lyser, som Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Irina Shayk, Kate Moss og Angela Bassett.

Det, sammen med den minimalistiske Instagrammable hvid og sort emballage, overbeviste mig om at give linjen en road-test i min egen rutine. I can not tell you how grateful I am, I did.

Dr. Sturm, som er specialist inden for æstetisk medicin og molekylær kosmetik, created her collection under her philosophy that your skin care products should heal your skin and to do it, it should be free of fragrance, mineral oils and preservatives. “Hudceller skal næres og beskyttes”, sagde hun til os. “So I formulate my products using only ingredients that have been shown in clinical trials to have a potent effect in the fight against aging, inflammation and oxidation, at the same time as cellular renewal, deep dehydration, and basic nutrition.

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The collection consists of 13 products and one other line specially made for darker skin color, which she created in collaboration with Angela Bassett.

It is well rounded, but consistent with three different serum, one eye cream, two different face creams, a cleanser, innovative SPF drops, a facial scrub and a few buys like a mask, she first formulated with Cher (yes, it Cher) jeg sidder køkken.

“I began with the idea that less is more, and of the smaller ones, use only the very best,” she says about the cured line. The first products I launched were a detergent, a scrub, a cream with basic ingredients corresponding to my blood plasma and hyaluronic serum for topical use, which was not common when it was a primary ingredient that I injected into the skin. Eye cream was created after receiving a number of patient requests. To create Super Anti-Aging Serum, I read the hyaluronic serum with anti aging ingredients because I think serums serve excellent transport vehicles to anti-aging ingredienser. “

It was the serum that caused me to fall in love with the brand. Mens animals, I found them incredibly effective in hydrating and soothing my sensitive reactionary skin. Calming Serum ($ 250; bloomingdales.com), my favorite for my rosy red skin, is a milky thin fluid that melts into your skin and is designed to reduce redness and inflammation as well as reduce burning and responses by strengthening the skin’s defense mechanisms.

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“I love the soothing serum so much,” she said to me when I admitted that I use it every day and night. “It was originally created for use in my clinic after treatment to reduce redness and calm down the skin. My patients asked me to produce it for home because they loved it so much. Now, the soothing serum wonders against rosacea, redness and irritation Du kan visuelt observere en beroligende resultat i 30 sekunder. If you apply the serum and look into the mirror, you will see the redden fade – I love it. It is also nice to use after sun against mosquito bites, as healing serum for my children ar og efter voksning og barbering. You can also use it to give a beautiful glow to dry legs before you go out. “

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This has been a revolutionary step in my routine and has clearly relieved the sensitivities I have had in recent months. Det gør det nemt at retfærdiggøre pricetaget.

Min anden personlige favorit er Eye Cream ($ 140; bloomingdales.com), som er en tynd og kølig gel, der bruger en kompleks til depuff og lindrer og omega lipider til fugt. Selvfølgelig er der de meget forventede Sun Drops, som er en serum-y SPF, som du kan bruge til at øge din creme med solbeskyttelse og vil være tilgængelig i USA snart.

Videnskabsbaseret hudpleje, that’s right to watch, celebrity loves and actually works? Now it’s a dream come true.