Could this treatment be the long-awaited secret to cured cellulite?

In spite of all the advances we have made in corrective and preventive skin care (Botox, fillers, acne treatments), there is a problem, our lotions and potions and machines have done a little to fixe-cellulite.

Tilstanden, which is the name of skin removal in areas such as thighs or skinkers, is kind of a mystery in itself, which is why the treatments and creams to cure it or at least improve the appearance of it have been great skuffende-godt, muligvis indtil nu.

Cellfina, en FDA-ryddet in-office procedure, bliver fugtig. “It is a minimally invasive treatment that utilizes sug (over each dimple) and a mechanically motorized device with a thin needle than intersects the fibrous wires of connective tissue that cause cellulite to form pimples,” explains Board Certified Dermatologist Surgeon Dr. Sameer Bashey.

Fordi it is minimally invasive, used local anesthesia, and Dr. Bashey says that it is based on the concept of subcision, which is used to help with depressed acne scars. “Her vacuum suction lifts the skin up, so the motor unit can easily cut the attenuation.” Frigivelsen af ​​ledningerne tillader så småkvalerne å gå væk.

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The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes, and expected side effects include temporary swelling and bruising. Before this treatment hit the market, Dr. Bashey said that there really was not a true and reliable way to solve the problem. It explains why the cream you spent $ 300 did not really matter. “Andre enheder, teknikker, massager og lasere har kun givet midlertidig og minimal forbedring,” tilføjer han.

Den ideelle kandidat skal have “ægte cellulite”, som er den faktiske dimples eller indrykning på huden. This does not tell stretches or skin weakness. Dr. Bashey says, he also avoids this procedure with patients who have very loose skin, those who have dimples due to poor liposuction technique, patients on blood thinners or those who are older and have salmon skin.

The results can be seen a few days after the procedure, but they are said to be the best several weeks or even months after treatment..

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“Resultaterne for hver enkelt cellulite dimple varer mindst 1 år, men baseret på de kliniske data fra læger, er resultaterne af individuelt behandlede celluliteforstærkninger mere end 2-3 år”, siger Dr. Bashey. “Selvfølgelig på områder, der ikke blev behandlet, er det muligt, at cellulite kan udvikle sig som tiden går fremad, men it makes sense because these areas were never treated initially.”

Før behandling behandler Dr. Bashey patienter, arbejder den aktuelle behandling ZO Oraser Cellulite Control Cream i deres rutine, samtidig med at den holder op. “This is a phenomenally relevant product that works very well with the Cellfina system. Every patient in our clinic who has cellulite receives this agent.”

However, these types of results are not cheap. På ZO Skin Center Beverly Hills, en behandling koster overalt mellem $ 4.000 og $ 6.000.

For mere information on this treatment it is effective and it is safe for you and your health, chat with your doctor or dermatologist.