Cover It Up: 10 Must-Have Body Concealers

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Samantha Faragalli

30. juni 2017 @ 8:45 am
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The roll of concealer goes beyond masking of acne and luminous tired eyes. It can also double as a means to cover everything from stretchmarks to straighteners, to blue marks. Et par hurtige tårer kan gøre det fødselsmærke, you completely despise disappears, or wipe the enchanting tattoo, you have smeared your 18th fødselsdag.

For at all the above mentioned we have rounded some of the finest body shelters around. Bonus: Disse produkter kan også gøre dine ben fejlfri LBD-klar. Klik gennem vores galleri for at finde den perfekte pasform til dine kreative behov.

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