Daily Beauty Buzz: Priyanka Chopras Iridescent Eye Makeup

Further evidence that the famous technicolor eyeliner tendency will enable you to trench your black kohl, gel and liquid eyeliners this summer: the turquoise and purple eye makeup Priyanka Chopra bar on Friday Baywatch premiere i Miami Beach Fla.

The head on, it may look like the movie’s star has simply tracked its top lash line with a matte, turquoise eyeliner, but there is actually a shiny violet shadow blended in the middle and up over the whole eyelid along with its bottom lash line. Resultatet er en iriserende finish som one-ups hver farvet eyeliner look vi har set hidtil.

Priyanka Chopra
Sergi Alexander / WireImage

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Jeg ligner med den grønne og lilla sequined kjole Chopra bar, har teknikken en effekt, which creates a beautiful shift in color depending on how the light hits her makeup and the angle she is photographed.

VIDEO: Priyanka Chopras Red Carpet Style

Together with a pair of strings of black mascara on her eyelashes and blue on her bottom lip, prepared brows and a clean opalizing lavender lip gloss, the actor shot a futuristic, futuristic vibe for it rød løber.