De 9 bedste solskærme til brug i sommer

Shiseido SPF

Victoria Moorhouse

Jul 05, 2018 @ 10:00
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Solcreme er afgørende for din huds sundhed. Det er så simpelt. What’s not that simple is actually buying it. There are thousands of solar protection products out there, and because of it, it can be incredibly confusing to try to find out what’s worth buying. You have to decide what type of sun cream, brand, texture and SPF. Der er meget at overveje. 

Whether you choose a chemical or a physical sun cream, it is up to you and your skin’s needs, but we took some of the work out of the equation by rounding off nine of our favorite products out there. Included are both chemical and physical SPFs in varying contexts, such as spray-on-formulas, creams, mousses and much more. There is also something at every price point. Fortsæt scrolling for at få runden på alle ni. 

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