Denne $ 9 Self-Tanner er den bedste jeg nogensinde har prøvet

Bare fordi et skønhedsprodukt er dyrt betyder ikke, at det rent faktisk vil fungere. It’s one of the truths I’ve learned from working in the beauty industry, and it’s exciting. Sommetider stal sidder på apotekshylderne slutter med at være ti gange bedre end det dyre alternativ. When it comes to self-creating, I think it’s definitely true. Det bedste selvstændige tanningsprodukt, I have ever tried, costs only $ 9. 

If there is not enough to persuade you to continue reading, you know it’s the only product that completely changed me about self-employed dentists in general. For at være ærligt ærlig tror jeg, at de fleste producerer en virkelig unaturlig udseende, men Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer ($ 9; er en anden historie. Den selvstændige tanning-infunderede fugtighedscreme efterlader en subtil, bronzy glød, der bygger jo mere du bruger den. It is very, very subtle and not orange at all, so it actually looks credible. It took me about a half and a half daily use to get that kind of healthy glow that imitates what I would have on a weekend getaway somewhere hot. 

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer
$ 9

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Dette produkt er anderledes end Jergens klassiske Natural Glow Moisturizer. This special edition is a moisturizer with soft skin and is intended to be used just after you shower when your skin is still drinking wet. Once you have rubbed it on your arms, be careful, just wipe yourself with a towel and you are set. It’s your self danner and your moisturizer all together in one. 

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The advantage of using a moisturizer with moist skin is that you do not have to wait for the cream to absorb before wearing the clothes and keeping the product in the shower makes it easier to remember to hydrate your limbs. You also do not have to wipe off before you rub in your moisturizer and save yourself a few precious minutes in the morning. 

Besides to see, there is one other thing I absolutely love of this self-denying that you do not have to worry about transferring on your clothes or your sheet. Fordi mens I want a glow, I do not really think that my white linen plates do.