Denne blomster notat er så sexet, den blev forbudt i den victorianske tid

tuberose Fragrances
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Marianne Mychaskiw

13. okt. 2017 @ 16:15
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Although tuberose is currently in flower in the scent world, the seductive flower has some serious historical credentials. In ancient Egypt, the flower’s essences were extracted and used for aromatherapy, and rumors have it. Unge piger blev forbudt ved lugte blomsten under dronning Victoria’s regering ud af frygt for, at det ville udløse en spontan orgasme. It has been immortalized in poetry by Thomas Moore and Percy Bysshe Shelley, of which the latter referred to tuberose as “the sweetest flower for fragrance that blows.”

It is clear that you have no power over it, it leaves behind on your skin, which by the way is the definition of sex appeal. Vende between sweet, sensual and at times, almost creamy, it’s a flower that you definitely recognize, and is everyone in your way sure will remember.

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