Dette anti-aging serum er som Botox i en flaske

Serum leverer resultater. And that result, I desperately wanted, was that my expression lines were gone.

Even though I am grateful that I care strongly about things and life in general, which increases my eyebrows and laughs, formed curly in my skin at first, I do not love to remember that my face is not as elastic as det en gang var. And with that, I turned to serum that is notorious for being highly concentrated in nutrient-rich ingredients that make it arbejde.

Already a quick believer in anti-aging eye cream and moisturizer, I went for a anti-aging serum for complimenting my already wrinkle-widespread routine. Den flaske jeg slog mig på? Juara Clove Flower og Gurkemeje Anti-Aging Serum.

Kryddernellike Flower & Tumeric Anti-Aging Serum
$ 70

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The primary reason why I chose this product from the thousands of other options was because Juara is known for diving the fragrances, dyes and hard chemicals for a more natural approach to beauty. Men udbruddet af gurkemeje super ingrediens also helped get my attention. Known for being not only fantastic for acne, but also a powerful antioxidant power plant, Juara claims that the ingredients in serum will help smooth your skin tone and leave you glowing and brilliant. The other ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and goji fruit, help reduce the appearance of fine lines..

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It is dispenserer as a brown, super lightweight gel, which I put in a nickel size to my face after cleansing and moisturizing cream. After that became a few weeks later, I realized that my feeling felt super smooth and fast, but not tight or dehydrated. I was so confused, persistently persisting my newly discovered discovery to my mother. It must have been fishing because she suddenly suddenly asked me if I had got Botox without telling her.

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Nej, jeg kunne have opdaget en lidt mere subtil version af den i en flaske.

Det mest mærkbare resultat, dog? My wish had become correct, as the visibility and depth of the expression lines on my brow were drastically reduced. Chokerende.

Although I’m not yet ready to jump into Botox for my wrinkle problems and do not intend to ever pull a Kim KW and do not smile for pictures or wearing all my feelings on my sleeve (and face), I would happily hold one fresh bottle with this formula on my top shelf.