Dette er hvor meget en Wedding Makeup Artist skal koste

As long as you regularly make cameos on red carpets, there are probably not many times you hire a makeup artist. Mænd til dit bryllup, der har nogen der for at få dig glam til ceremonien (og for alle dine uundgåelige Instagrammed billeder) er normen. And like flowers and food, it comes with a price.

How many money will you spend? Now, like everything else on checklist, it depends on your budget. To get an idea of ​​the costs standards and what is included in the package, we checked in with two different wedding makeup artists for advice and tips.

Firstly, if you work with an extremely tight budget, you can completely refrain from the cost and make your own makeup or visit a makeup desk in a department store or make an appointment at your local MAC or Sephora. Mens pricetaget may vary based on your location, will a 90-minute wedding agreement on MAC at Manhattan cost you 90 bucks.

Men when it comes to ordering a pro, there are many factors that go into the price. Maureen Pedala, en brude makeup kunstner baseret i New York City, siger, at prisen ofte bestemmes af hvor lang tid du booker for (en hel dag eller en halv dag) eller ved ansigtet.

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Jeg Pedalas tilfælde er en halv dag fire timer, as she charges $ 650 for, and consists of the bride and three extra people. One full day is eight hours, costs $ 1250, and includes the bride and seven other people. 

“Som kunstner fungerer dagskurserne godt, because they lay the foundation for a clean schedule without chaos and no surprises,” she says. “For en brud løser det problem med at få lidt touch-up tid. En per ansat kunstner forventes at forlade lige efter ansøgningen.”

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She says I’m experiencing based on Manhattan, the average face price for the bride is $ 350, while the party is about $ 175 each. Dog, she also notes that if you live outside of a metropolitan area, costs can be significantly lower, and you should do research online for the best artists in your area or chat with your friends and family. “Prices will vary from artist to artist based on experience and popularity and what they offer, but it will give you an idea of ​​who charges over the top and who sells cards,” she says.

There are also makeup artists who take into account their costs in full on the situation. Neil Scibelli, en makeup-artist, der tilbyder bryllupstjenester, siger, atpasning er nøglen, da han tager højde for hvor mange personer der bliver serviceret, rejseudgifter, touch-ups osv. “I think a realistic ballpark of what we see private makeup artist, not salons, tax is as low as $ 150 up to about $ 450,” he says. Whatever Scibelli thinks, it’s extremely important to have someone you “click on” and understand that your needs work with you on your wedding day.

“I serve all types and sizes of weddings and have been lucky enough to travel across the country to my brides,” he says. “What I really love is that I can offer my wedding customers the same artistry, experience and achievements as my fashion and celebrity clients. Everyone is worth the ‘red carpet’ experience and it’s beyond humiliating and rewarding to offer it to the smukke nabopige. “

Once you have narrowed down the selection of artists, there are a few other fees that may affect the final price. First ask if they are available on your date. For the second, if you have them to come to your place, ask if they charge for travel. Pedala charges the costs of car service or rental to and from the location. Hun tilføjer, at nogle kunstnere opkræver, hvad de kalder en “set up gratis”, hvis de skal flytte deres kit i hele lokalet på vores bryllupsdag. Ønsker du air-brushing eller faux wimper? Scibelli says that both can be considered an additional fee for some artists.

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Endelig er det nok et godt ide at have en prøveaftale med din makeup artist før brylluppet og mange kunstnere opkræver dette. 

Mens alle budgettet er forskellige, siger Pedala, regardless of who you choose, they must be professional, show themselves in time and give you the appearance you have agreed for your day. “Den du valgte, you should feel very comfortable, you should trust their abilities, and you should have what you see in the mirror.”

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