Disse er Chloë Grace Moretz 4 største skønhedshemmeligheder

Chloe Grace Moretz Beauty Secrets - LEAD
Francois G. Durand / Getty

InStyle Staff

24. oktober 2016 @ 15:45

She can only be 19 years old, Chloë Grace Moretz already knows how to own the red carpet and remains safe despite being a teenager in the limelight. The actress and face face are refreshingly honest when it comes to the reality of celebrity beauty regimes. “I have hair extensions. There is a modicum of forgery to all,” Moretz told Med stil. “That’s what I want to say to young women. The more they learn that it’s not realistic, the less they will get up to not look this way – because when I’m not on the red carpet, I do not see sådan ud. “

Borte fra kameraerne In addition to doing Pilates and SoulCycle six times a week, Moretz provides for healthy eating and focuses on her intensive skin care routine, where she uses up to “30 different products every single day ranging from stem cell cream to microdermabrasion”. Selv om hun er besat med hudpleje, Moretz har også sin retfærdige andel af yndlings skønhedsprodukter, herunder et go-to fragrance og pandeværktøj. Her er de fire produkter, der er hemmeligheden for Moretz off-camera skønhed rutine.