Disse Gummi Beauty Vitaminer kan ændre dit liv

Trix kan være til børn, men gummi vitaminer? They are not limited to the younger crowd anymore. Thanks to the latest usability brand Olly, you can merge these Flintstone flavors all together, but inhale this year earlier with some great beauty benefits. With an indoor access to beauty, the products run the home point “you are what you eat” by picking their dietary supplements with ingredients that are aimed at affecting your hair, skin, nails and power of attorney, your overall primping regime. Først op, ubestridelige skønheds vitaminer ($ 14; target.com), som er tilgængelige i en grapefrugt smag, bruger ingredienser som biotin, vitamin C og vitamin E til at styrke dit hår og negle, ikke mindst, forbedre din naturlige glød . Mænd hvis du er på markedet for en hudpleje-specifik formel, skal du hente den Vibrant Skin gummies ($ 14; target.com).


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The small, blueberry-flavored gums are infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen and sea urchin-aka ingredients, you will find in your anti-aging cream, to clump up fine lines and add a much needed boost in moisture. In addition to the undeniable beauty and living skin formulas, Olly also carries a wide range of vitamins that are not directly linked to beauty, as a general multivitamin, an energy-enhancing formula and a bone-steering version among many others. The recommended amount is two gummies a day, so a bottle should last about one month, though we constantly test our willpower, as they taste so good.

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