Disse Natural Deodorant Wipes Faktisk holde op under træning

I’ve lost the number of times that have been there to me when I’ve been too tired to remove my makeup at the end of the day, or I’m going to make a cat eye fast. Makeupservietter is always rodless, get the job done in a single swipe and ultimately practical, so when a pack of natural deodorantservietter found my way to my desk, I was skeptical but most fascinated.

Da naturlige deodorant can not be mentioned without anyone asking if it actually keeps sweat and smell under control without chemicals, I did all of a favor and put Pacifica’s Coconut Milk & Gardenia underarm Deodorant Wipes ($ 9/30; ulta.com) to the ultimate test under en træning.

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For the first time, how kliserne works: Every 100 percent vegan, aluminum-free cloth is soaked with a blend of coconut milk, gardenia, sheasmør, castor oil and glycerin, among other ingredients that are free of hard chemicals. Together they work to prevent excessive sweat and keep unpleasant odors away. And if you’re not a fan of botanical aroma, the cloths come in a variety of flavor combinations like bale and coconut milk.

For being honest, I’m not overrevent, but I usually use clinical antiperspirants because I hate to feel wet and on moist N.Y.C. sommerdage, fange den svageste whiff af mig selv, når jeg holder på overhead pole på metroen. Og selvom jeg har prøvet naturlige formuleringer før, har ingen haft den opholdsstyrke jeg søger efter i en deodorantstang.

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Since I work in an open concept office and would not risk that the cloths do not work properly when I sit close to my colleagues, I gave each of my forearms a veil with a dry before going to a class at my favorite bare studio in sidste weekend. Efter en gang plankering, tucking og omvendt push-ups (som helt sikkert fik mig til at svede), har jeg mine underarms duftprøven. Surprisingly enough, even though I was in class, I smelled as fresh as I did before I went to the gym.

Overvej en pakke af disse fyre føjes til mit gym essentials sammen med en vandflaske og tør shampoo. Or, you’re a foolproof way to refresh this summer when your sweat glands are on the go.