Er honning hudpleje søde ting til din ansigt?

Kourtney Kardashian sætter det i smoothies. Kendall Jenner sætter det i hendes sædebehandling. Og mig? Well, I’ll put it in my tea, and at the end I’ll find it in my beauty products. Jeg taler om honing.

You have probably noticed that now – and not only because Kardashian-Jenners have an affinity for it – honey has made itself home in a ton of product formulations. And if you’re like me, you’d know why this sticky, super cute pantry has some business that lives in your eye cream. 

It is always exclaimed as an anti-inflammatory, healing and antibacterial, but these allegations are nothing new. Ligesom overhovedet. 

Ifølge Dr. Harold Lancer, en Beverly Hills-baseret dermatolog og medlem af American Academy of Dermatology, har konceptet været populært for mere end 5.000 år, men han siger også, at han ikke er bekendt med nogen beviste medicinske fordele. Having said that, he mentions that there is nothing wrong with the skin care product as long as it is of high quality so that it does not get contaminated, decayed and then oxidizes, causing the effectiveness of your product to fall. 

“Hunde med lægekvalitet, like Manuka honey and Medihoney, has been used to treat conditions such as ulcer and ulcer. Although in most cases it is likely to be good to use on the skin for acne and other skin problems, honey without medical treatment can contain viable bacterial spores and obvious less predictable antibacterial properties, “notes the dermatologist and founder of cure, Dr. David Lortshcer. 

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So what’s even found in honey, besides sugar? “Honning, containing more than 180 unique compounds, produced by honey bees from flower nectar and containing phenolic acids, flavonoids, ascorbic acid, alpha tocopherol, carotenoids, enzymes glucose oxidase and catalase, organic and amino acids and proteins,” explains Dr. David Lortshcer.. 

Now that we have it down, you should know that there are a lot of products out there with the ingredient listed as a main feature. For eksempel er der COSRXs Honning Ceramid Eye Cream ($ 26;, som inkluderer Ren Manuka Honey og er stærkt hydraterende, og Farmacy lancerede for nylig en honningsmaske, der er lavet med det, de kalder GreenEnvy honey, et stof produceret af bier, der pollinerer mærker Echinacea Purpurea GreenEnvy blomster, som angiveligt er højt i antioxidanter. 

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Of course, the entire product series is produced by Manuka Doctor, a brand that uses manual honey (FYI, also bi-gift) in many of their products! 

Mens hudplejeprodukter er et her, fortæller Dr. Lancer os, at vi skal være forsigtige med DIY honningprodukter, da de andre ingredienserne, du blander med det, kunne potentielt være forurenet og kunne føre til akne eller inflammation. I basically want to chat with your derm about the collection you are creating. Always be sure and do your homework!

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