Her er hvad Deciem skal sige om alt det Instagram-drama

Måske har du først hørt om The Ordinary sidste forår, da hudplejemærkets $ 7 fundamenter rackede op på en venteliste på 25.000 personer før lanceringen, har du set de lige-fra-the-lab dropflasker og rør, som produkterne er indbygget i på din Instagram feed , eller du læser, på Kim Kardashian er fan af $ 10 retinoid anti-aging serum.

Recently, the brand has been aware of the new direction, as CEO of its parent company Deciem, Brandon Truaxe, has taken with his Instagram account.

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Hudplejeobsessiverne began to talk last month when Truaxe began to upload transparent posts that are well up to the company’s tagline “The Abnormal Beauty Brand.” It all started on January 24, when he stated that he would put an end to all the company’s marketing strategies for his 16 brands and stated that “marketing is simply a way to convince people to buy things that they do not want or do not need not. “I said Truaxe at han would take charge of the platform, which currently has over 337,000 followers.

Ordene i denne video betyder mere for mig end for nogen. I want to talk to you beautiful people on our social channels from now on. I maintain an e-mail subscription list, and you can subscribe to it by just sending a tom email to [email protected] Jeg deler mit tanker, der relaterer mere til livet end DECIEM på mit eget Instagram feed @btruaxe. We are all people. We are not consumers, races, sex or sexualities. �� Our social team will not reply to any comments on this post because I want to respond to them personally. Ask any questions about order or product on another post or via DM, so I can make time for this post. ❤️

Et indlæg delt af THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY (@deciem) den

Truaxes første innlegg blev mødt med positive anmeldelser, og selskabets tilhængere applauded its authenticity by leaving comments as “this is amazing! Thank you for creating such an effective accessible brand” and “I love your brand, your transparency, your products, your engagement i kvalitet, & din kundeservice! “

During the coming weeks, as Truaxe continued his stream of honest posts, he used the platform as an alternative to e-mail by issuing instructions on corporate decisions to its employees and the company’s suppliers.

On February 4, Truaxe announced that the company would make an effort to eliminate the use of all plastics in the brands shopping bags, drops and foundation bottles, which “cost more than glass bottles because they are made of” sophisticated plastics “” with a picture af en lossepladser. Jeg postens billedtekst også nævner medarbejdere og instruerer dem til at videresende denne information til deres leverandører. Han fortæller også “Peter of Mong Packaging” ved mærket ikke længere vil bruge deres firma, men han er velkommen til at komme på arbejde for Deciem.

I remove all plastics, including our shopping bags, drops, bottles (which cost more than glass bottles because they are “sofistikerede” plastics). Alessandro og Hajar, bedes du fortælle vores leverandører, at denne plan vil afslutte inden udgangen af ​​2018. Peter of Mong Packaging, jeg beklager, at vi ikke længere vil bruge plastik. Du er sådan en god person. I want to sponsor you and your family to come to Canada, if you want, and you can work at DECIEM. Alan fra Idealpak, this direction means more business for you ❤️�� (@apple add a donkey motif because there is no horse in Morocco as far as I can tell). Sorry for everyone, I repeat this note several times today with different videos. Jeg elsker dig, Brandon. (Det er solrigt hende. ❤️��)

Et indlæg delt af THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY (@deciem) den

That same day he also sent a picture of a young man standing against a wall and introducing him as Deciem’s ​​factory manager. “Hans yngste bror Omar kommer til Canada for at slutte sig til DECIEM. Astrid og @diafoley, Riad is not my girlfriend. I am his brother and I love him (and his beautiful mother there is my mother ), “sagde Truaxe i postens billedtekst.

Riad er vores fabrikschef. Hans familie adopted me when I needed help. Hans bror Hashim og Faras driver vores amerikanske e-handel. Hans andre bror Ammar sells our products in Iraq, where they are from. Hans yngste bror Omar kommer til Canada for at slutte sig til DECIEM. Astrid og @diafoley, Riad er ikke min kæreste (jeg er ikke homoseksuel). Han er min bror og jeg elsker ham (og hans smukke mor, der er min mor). Due to Estée Lauder’s investment, I have been able to give the family a gift of $ 500,000 in January. De bygger et hjem. Og Riad travels now the world with me until March. Jeg elsker dig, Riad ��❤️��. Astrid, vi ses i Amsterdam for at bygge min baby, Avestan. Vores baby, Avestan. ❤️

Et indlæg delt af THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY (@deciem) den

As the new direction of the company’s Instagram account evolved, fans began to worry about the future of Deciem and Truaxes mental health. Reddit threads dedicated to the topic appeared, and fans began to question whether they would store their favorite products from The Ordinary and Company’s other brands, if the affordable skin care apocalypse comes.

Drama escalated, as Reddit users drove past employee reviews about working for Deciem from the company’s Glass Door profile hoping to put together what was happening to the company, they are looking for affordable skin care products.

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Siden den lancerede i august 2016 er The Ordinary blevet Deciems mest solgte mærke og næsten hver produkt udsolgt under sin første introduktion på Sephora.com i efteråret. Det Toronto-baserede selskab blev grundlagt i 2013 og har nu 16 skindpleje-, hårpleje- og suppleringsmærker under paraplyen, med tre på vej senere i år, ifølge co-CEO Nicola Kilner.

Breakout-brandets fundament ligger på at tilbyde hudplejeprodukter baseret på velkendte, forsøgte og sandige ingredienser, der er kendt for at arbejde på almindelige hudpleje problemer, såsom retinol, glycolsyre og vitamin C til overkommelige priser. Clinical white marks indicate the active ingredients in each treatment, which are not added additives and fragrances.

What is incredible is the brand price, which covers $ 15, where most products fall below $ 10 series. Kilner fortæller os, at hun sammenligner The Ordinary’s prispoint filosofi at købe en flaske aspirin på apoteket for at lindre hovedpine. “You’ll see a bottle for $ 5 or a bottle for $ 50, what should you buy?” spørger hun.

Kilner kalder produktets lave priser op til at bruge kvalitetsredskaber, der er bredt fremstillet over hele verden sammen med tidligere traditionelle annoncekampagner og marketing. “It’s not the ingredients that make a product expensive,” she says. “Det er emballagen og den faktiske fremstillingsproces, der kan øge marginerne.” Derfor fremstiller Deciem alle sine produkter internt i Toronto-fabrikken.

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Hurtig ekspansion – mærket åbner i år fem butikker i New York i år og ser på andre byer i USA. The closest biggest mark to UK has led to fan-favorite products consistently selling. At keeping the entire production process in the family is an important factor in why the products are consistent out of stock. Kilner says, at the company, has grown its current factory and plans to move into a new 75,000 square meter office and factory in Toronto this spring with the hope that they will be able to cope with demand.

Brandet knows that Truaxes Acceptance of Social Media is the current tea that fans and the beauty industry are hesitant but insist that they have nothing to hide because they have always been transparent as a company and will remain at Truaxe at hjælp af Instagram som en platform til at tale for sig selv. It is a continuation of an open, honest conversation about skin care, as the brand has always been hoping to have with its customers and among fans at Reddit and Instagram. “We’ve always said both pros and cons of using our products on our website so customers know exactly what to expect when they use them,” says Kilner. “

Kontroversen i skønhedsindustrien is not something new. Mærker kalder hinanden ud for at kopiere hinandens emballage. Berømtheder som Kylie Jenner has been accused of stealing Instagram makeup artists work for their brands own images, and the Instagram account @diet_prada is dedicated to putting fashion and beauty spikes on blast. Hvad der hidtil er usikkert er Deciems gennemsigtighedsniveau, and it comes directly from the company’s CEO.

In 2018, it becomes increasingly clear how important it is that brands come across as authentic to retain their customer and fan base, but how far is it to be when it’s going to be real?


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