How you look like you have not just cried

Hvordan to Look Like You Haven't Been Crying Lead
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Erin Lukas

17. februar 2016 @ 16:30

It happens with the best of us. Maybe you have received bad news, going through a breakup, or the cat GIF your colleague email you’re just too sweet. You’re trapped away and can not keep the waterworks back. Either way, when you throw your last tear, you will probably mask the fact that you have just cried. Or in some cases, like you are at work or on public transport, you are brug for på skjule det. Deleting the proof can be done by first taking a few deep breaths and using products that easily fit the bag. Følg vores enkle sminketips, og ingen vil nogensinde vide, at minutter siden var tårerne flydende ned i dit ansigt. (While you write about social media, it’s all about you.)

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