Hvad du virkelig behøver at vide om at behandle stregmærker

Real talk: Der er ikke noget uregelmæssigt om stregmærker. Factisk vurderer undersøgelser, at 90 percent of pregnant women, 70 percent of young girls and 40 percent of young men develop the lines of broken elastin, characterized by pucked grooves in the skin.

Although brands are common, it may be difficult for many of us to embrace them if they are particularly prominent or discolored – especially in hot weather when more skin appears. And there are a lot of topical creams and oils that promise to get rid of stripes, in fact they can only improve their appearance. “It is a form of scarring, the depth to which the damage to the skin lies, far below where something can be reached,” explains N.Y.C.-based cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. “So unfortunately there is nothing that really can be done topically despite what these products claim.”

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Before you get too worked over the fact that the products you have worn out do not really do anything, there are treatment methods for treatment that minimize brands and may even make them disappear for good. If you are looking for a dermatologist to help you with your streak marks, Dr. Frank emphasizes the importance of making an appointment early for the best results. “Dine forventninger skal være høje, if you catch them early. If you have bar marks, they are 20 years old, they must be lower,” he says. “With each year going by, you can expect your results to be smaller. If you catch your streak marks in the red stadium, you have 90 percent chance to control them.”

For nyere mærker, som er de, der er rød, opvokset og inflammet, Dr. Frank anbefaler vascular laser treatment. “Denne laser ødelægger blodkarrene, der forårsager inflammation i blodcellerne,” forklarer han. Bortset fra nogle blå mærker på området behandles, der er ingen nedetid efterpå, og du kan forvente at se forbedringer i 3-5 sessioner.

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In older brands, it is characterized by pot, silver strips, says Dr. Frank, that Fraxel laser resurfacing can help reduce them significantly. Forvent at opleve et par dage med rødme efter hudfornyelsesbehandling, og for at se strejker reduceret fra 40 til 70 procent i 3-5 sessions.

Mens lasere works best on more fair skin tones, says Dr. Frank, that micronedling is an opportunity for deeper skin types. “Dybere hudtoner is not so prone to stretch marks because they generally have greater elasticity,” he explains. “Men micronedling can be a solution if you have brands. Like lasers, you use physical trauma through the tissue to stimulate new collagen and tissue regeneration. It’s about getting the body to correct itself.” And like lasers, this method can be done with monthly intervals, with a little redness after.