Hvordan Hollywood laver fysisk terapi Super Glam

From infrared saunas to freeze the underpressure temperature of a cryotherapy machine, the celebs and the fitness-possessed sample will try almost everything to maintain their internal glow. And often it’s Hollywood that introduces the rest of us to the hottest wellness trends, that’s going to make it plain. Sag jeg punkt: fysioterapi. This engang skræmmende smertebehandlingsterapi, reserved for this restoration from surgery or injury, has shifted its place in the wellness room and will be a warm new addition to celebrities ‘training routines, whether they are injured or not. 

Den fysioterapi guru taske Jennifer Aniston pasform og P. Diddys sunde livsstil er Dr. Karen Joubert. Vi spurgte Joubert, hvorfor hun klienter vender til fysioterapi som et kompliment til deres træningsrutiner, og hvordan det ændrer deres krop.

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“The clientele I work with is under enormous pressure, and in many cases it will manifest itself physically,” she says (pictured below). “Artists can perform 4-7 times a week along with traveling and try to maintain a healthy diet, there is plenty for everyone to handle. Physiotherapy teaches them proper mechanics, whether its basic attitude on the screen and or extreme dance moves on stage Uddannelse og vedligeholdelse giver dem lang levetid og forebyggelse af skader. I det lange løb er det en win-win for alle. “

Mænd hvorfor den pludselige skift jeg, hvordan folk ser fordelene ved fysisk terapi, contrary to just having to go to a session to heal an injury? “Desired for wellness and longevity has really helped to bring physiotherapy to the forefront,” she says. “Recently, there has been a major shift in lifelong and preventative aspects of medicine. The audience is increasingly turning to physical therapy to help them understand and control their pain. Who does not want to feel better and do it with guidance of a gud fysioterapeut i stedet for at springe vanedannende medicin? At getting in touch with the body can be a game exchange in all aspects of one’s life. “

As regards her favorite clients who dedicate themselves to regular sessions, she has a few things in mind. “Mine favoritter omfatter Puffy, Jennifer Aniston, Cher og Serena Williams,” siger hun. “I challenge anyone to follow their daily regime. I can not even stop! They are so disciplined in all aspects of their lives, no wonder they are all successful! And yes, they do all physical therapy 3-5 times a week ! “