I use this app 3 times a day to calm down the hell

Jeg er ikke den type person, man nogensinde ville henvise til som “zen”. 

I’m being worked up on things that are likely to be irrational, I sleep too much on the internet and hurt my own feelings, and will often do this where I am stressed with just a passing thought. I am very good at making this the point that I have convinced myself that I am a superhero with really crappy supermagter that implies all of the above plus the ability to break a whole season of Vanderpump Regler jeg et møde. Nyhedscyklussen this week, or a week for that matter, has not helped, and New York City is not exactly known to be the most peaceful environment to live in.

Sure, meditation can help, but when I do, I’m convinced that I handled everything wrong – when I recently beat a class on MNDFL, I made the mistake of listening to go back on Sunday on the trip and subsequent havde “MakeDamnSure” hurtigt, jeg har mit hoved hele tiden i stedet for at sætte min hensigt. 

Eddie Sterns Åndedræts App syntes dog lovende. Bortset fra at være forfatter og foredragsholder, er Stern en New York-baserede yoga teacher, so he certainly knows one thing or two about breathing. Han arbejdede sammen med Dr. Deepak Chopra, coder Sergey Varichev og Moby-yes, Moby-at bringe konceptet til liv. 


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Once you have opened the breathing application, you can choose how long you want to practice and your preferred breathing rate. Fem til syv vejrtrækninger pr. Minut hvilket er hvad buddhistiske munke og yogier normalt gør mens de mediterer, anbefales, hvis du vil tage en slag. 

There are three settings in the app, you can choose to follow. The first is a ball that expands and contracts, indicating your lungs to follow, a clock counting down in the amount of seconds you must take for every breath and exhale and a galaxy setting, which was my absolute favorite . Som en opgraderet version af Windows 95-screensaver, der efterligner flyve gennem rummet, glider skærmen langsomt mellem galakser som en Moby-produceret instrumental spiller i baggrunden. You breathe in the higher part, so breathe out as it changes to the lower pitch. 

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First time I tried the app, I opened it just before bedtime and felt less worked up in a few minutes. That was all I needed to get connected. Now I’ll do it during my morning commute with my headphones in, so Mobys sweet sounds drows the metro station around me. On a stressful day, I take a moment on my desk during lunch and make a quick breath – I swear to God, I do my job – and take the tasks that follow as they come. In the evening I use the app for a few minutes after I have washed my face and led me to bed.

I en verden, which smartphones are credited as one of the primary sources of stress, who knew I could actually use mine to do the opposite. Cue Alanis Morrissette. 

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