Jeg fandt endelig det bedste fundament med SPF

After years of bad teenage habits, I have trained myself to apply sunscreen daily. Mænd jeg er stadig menneske. Every time i will jump over the crotch and go straight to the foundation, just remember when I’m almost done with my makeup. So I came up with a reserve plan, which should find a foundation with sunscreen, so I always have a small protection. 

This sounded simple, but it was certainly not. I have never been fond of most foundations with SPF because I found them to be greasy or heavy. I like that my foundation is incredibly natural looking and basically weightless, but I still want it to smooth my skin tone and hide blush. Endelig sluttede søgningen med Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 ($ 46;

Marc Jacobs Foundation
Ashley Batz

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It is a unique innovation because the SPF is actually encapsulated within the pigments. The advantage of this is that when you take a picture, there is no “flashback” or white casting that appears on your skin when you look at the pictures later. 

Det er også prydet for at have en døgn-glid. I have not personally used it for a whole day, but it is good for the 16 consecutive hours, I have. 

It fits all my requirements. Farven er naturlig på grund af det fintmalet pigment. It’s oil freak, so my skin does not feel greasy when I use it. Det falder helt mellem de dybe og matte genrer. Endelig lader det mig heller ikke om, at huden bliver tør, takket være en ingrediens kaldet snedamp, der låses på vand. Den er tilgængelig i 29 forskellige hudtoner. Jeg har fundet perfektion i Fair Y130 (min før og efter billeder er ovenfor). 

I still make a point to apply proper SPF every single day, but on the days when my head is in the clouds and I inevitably forget, my fault is gone.