K-Beauty produkter, der får dig til at sige, “hvad?”

It is no secret that South Korea is a pioneer in the skin care and beauty world. Their business is blomstrende all over the globe, including the USA and eksporten er tredoblet i de sidste fem år.

And one thing that makes their products so sought after is the ability to do skin care en sjov experience in relation to a trudge through oil regime, as well as their future-oriented, scientific advances that promise and deliver serious results.

With that all said, we sometimes run into K-Beauty products that are just … strange – like Donkey Milk and Bounce Cheese Cream, both products you must put on your face. We have rounded some super rare find to grab and explain exactly what they are. Pas på, hund. You may end up having to buy everything on this list.

Squish og Bubble Mesh Mask

This is one of the products that surely gets to the head if someone sees you using it (AKA sleepover material). “Det er bogstaveligt talt en overdimensioneret puff fuld af eksfolierende botaniske og blide, kemiske exfoliants,” siger Sarah Lee, medstifter af GlowRecipe.com. “These powerful, effective ingredients are placed in a comical way that will be fun fun to use.”

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Enprani Dear by jumping ostefløde

This product looks and feels like heated mozzarella cheese – it’s thick, tight, ozy and stretchy. Det lugter intet som ost (whew!) Og det er et super fugtgivende, anti-aging produkt. Bounce Cheese Cream er primære ingredienser er vand og valle, the latter being a naturally occurring protein found in cheese, hence the name. This is best for super dry skin, as it is so thick and heavy.

Til cool til skole æg mousse kropsolie

We have apparently seen a whole breakfast for your face. Denne ægmousse (som er fantastisk, BTW) er en del af en hel æg-infusionslinie af TCFS, som alle indeholder æggeblomme ekstrakt. Like many Korean skin care products, it offers a sensory experience. This comes out skummende from the aerosol container, but turns into a very softening oil when you massage it into your skin..

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J. One Hana Cream

This creme is i opposition to others you have ever used. Jeg karret finder dig, hvad der ligner en flok små små æg. Each little egg is actually a perfect size of cream as you pop between your fingers and apply on your face to help the skin fast. Her er en IG-video af den i aktion.

J.One Hana Cream er mærkeligt, men jeg kan lide det. #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty #glowrecipe #skincare @glowrecipe

En video indsendt af wendyrgould (@wendyrgould) på

Lindsay Gummi Masker

“[Disse masker] er næsten som et videnskabs eksperiment, og slathering dit ansigt med formlen er så tilfredsstillende,” siger Lee. “Mask hardener in a rubbery texture, which can be scratched in a movement, leaving you in this fun rubbery form in your hands and absolutely glowing, dug skin.”

Æselmælk Skin Gel Mask Healing

This product gets its name because it actually contains donkey milk. There is actually a whole line of it, and other Korean skin care manufacturers also make products containing donkey milk. Det viser sig, at æselmelk indeholder masser af vitaminer (herunder A, C, D og E), lactose og fedt. Together, they exfoliate carefully, nourish and hydrate the skin.

Ganske underligt, huh? And there’s more where they came from.

“The Korean market is saturated with high-quality products and innovative textures. That’s why some K-Beauty products can work out there for Westerners, Lee explains.” There is a mentality in Korea that skin care is a daily moment with forkælelse, that should be great fun and not a task that is very convincing. This thought goes slowly into the United States, and I think we have K-beauty to thank for it. “