MAC gjorde lige til Shopping for dit fald Vampy Lipstick Easy


Erin Lukas

Okt 05, 2017 @ 12:45 pm

At the shift to a richer, darker lip color, when the first day of autumn hits is like wearing flowers in spring-it’s not groundbreaking. Men det stopper ikke brugen fra at nå frem til en oxblood eller murstenrød læbestift, når lædervej rammer.

MAC shares the same feeling, which is why the makeup brand created a whole collection of vampy lipsticks that will fall into stores a few days before Halloween on October 26th. (Tilfældighed? Vi tror ikke.)

Velvet Matte kollektioner består af ni forskellige nuancer, der inkluderer alle lipstick præferencer. Der er mere traditionelle vampy farver som rige burgundy, for mere unorthodox nuances like gray-mauve. And these lipstifts really live up to their names: Unlike many matte formulas, which can become dry and flaky with wear, these balls glide smoothly with a finish that can only be described as well velvet.

Continue to scroll to see all of your nuances, and start planning the rest of your lipstick wardrobe before collecting hit MAC counters later this month.

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