Mød Desiree Verdejo, Entreprenøren Spearheading Harlem Beauty Renaissance

Næsten et århundrede efter Harlem-renæssancen – a period when African Americans shake up, the art scene in uptown NYC-Harlem welcomed Vivrant Beauty, the neighborhood’s first luxury store, which we predict will marry a revival by transforming the way women in color stores for beauty products in the area. Kvinden med ansvar for denne bevægelse? Desiree Verdejo.

As it was the case for Harlem-native, at her part of the city lacked an inviting one-stop shop for hair, makeup and skin care products for ethnic women, she made it her mission to change the game. “Jeg følte, at Harlem havde brug for en bedre skøn shopping oplevelse,” siger Verdejo, en tidligere advokat. “Så jeg skiftede karriere og fulgte min passion for at bringe dette rum til mit samfund.”

Just six months in the beauty industry and the self-proclaimed beginner has drawn an impressive crowd to her store configuration on St. Nicholas Avenue, launched an e-commerce site and achieved instant buzz from recognized sources such as New York Times og vores søster mag Essence. And as the leader of this uptown genoplivning, it took time to reflect on its growing beauty career with us.

Læs videre for at lære hvordan Verdejo laver New York City historie.

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First, please tell us about your previous career.
“I was a lawyer for seven years. I’m proud of my background as a lawyer, but I realized that I was getting less excited about my daily tasks so I started a beauty blog, participated in beauty events and realized soon that I was I thought that if I had to put my everything in a career, I would be glad to stay up at night working on. Loving and beauty you are very different, but as a lawyer you must take care of your customers and this state of mind is not changed. Very rarely, lawyers can say no. You find a way to get things done and the same goes for being a small business owner. It’s been a smooth transition, so I’m sure there are more underlying similarities than I myself realize. But I definitely did not think of social media campaigns as a lawyer, so some things feel very different! “

Hvorfor Vivrant Beauty?
“I’m from Harlem and live in Harlem, and I felt that the area needed a better shopping experience for people i kleur. at bringe together There are some beautiful products for black women on the market and where they were sold, they did not do justice. The goal was to meet the beauty needs of this group of women who are not always considered in a luxurious room, and also offer really cool farvelaged owners, who often do not get the shine they deserve. “

Experience any resistance when you try to introduce this new concept to Harlem’s beauty scene.?
“Heldigvis nej. Bare chok og spænding på denne nye adgang til skønhed. It is so different from any other beauty retailer in Harlem – especially in the black community. People are excited about the concept of a company that promotes beauty for women of color and person- of-color-owned brands. I’m so excited about the embrace and relationships I’ve really been able to build and I’m excited to see them grow. We’ve launched our website and have had a good response from My goal is to maintain our position as a boutique, there’s a go-to for new cool cool, well-cured products that keep women from color in mind. “

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Som en, der er ny for branchen, hvor lang tid tog det for dig at se dig selv som en skønhedekspert?
“We have many hair and skin care consultations, so I realized immediately that our customers would see me as an expert in the field. Our first customers showed me that I would not only talk about products but about regimes and care as it was Hunden er vigtig for mig, da vores kunder virkelig stoler på vores teams rådgivning. Vores første leje var en æstetiker, og vi har en professionel makeup kunstner på bordet for at tilby et velafrettet perspektiv. “

What time are you most proud of your career in the beauty industry so far?
“På Thanksgiving Day sidste år, kun fire måneder efter åbningen blev vi nævnt i New York Times. My family was very proud of my advocate and very skeptical about my transition from the law so that was something I knew they would respect. They were able to support me and see how crazy they believed in the move were because of the recognition. We are also a boutique in Harlem in a neighborhood where the landscape changes, so it meant a lot for Harlem to be mentioned so high in the publication. Det føltes som en triumf for mange mennesker: min familie, nabolaget, andre virksomhedsejere. Mange mennesker stoppede for at sige tillykke – og gør det stadig! Det var en virkelig interessant oplevelse. It made me feel like a plant in the company and also in Harlem. “

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