Michelle Phan vender tilbage til YouTube ved at forklare hvorfor hun forlod

Det er svært at tro, at det var over et år siden Michelle Phan, en af ​​OG beauty vloggers, har sendt en video til YouTube. Selv om Phan afslørede sin kosmetiklinje EM Cosmetics renewed earlier this spring, it appears that the vlogger, known as one of the pioneers in makeup-tutorials and product vlogs, may be back for good. 

I videoen titlen “Why I left” Phan crowned the beginning of her career from her very first YouTube video for her first business, which included the launch of her beauty subscription service “Ipsy” and her collection with L’Oréal, “Em.” For the most part, why phan felt that she needed to take a social media detox despite her beauty guru status. 

“I was caught by my own vanity and never satisfied with how I looked,” she says in the video. “I live online was billed, but in reality I was carefully curated a picture of a life I did not want.” Phan is equally open throughout the video and also reiterates that what you see on social media is not always reality. 

The video (as Phan Illustrated itself!) Has quickly become viral when Phan uploaded it to YouTube with 7 million views and counts.

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There is no doubt that all her future projects must reflect the filter she has been removed from her offline life. “I do not know everyone has the money to buy time, but I did, and I can share what I learned,” she wrote in the caption of the video. “Se ikke bare smuk ud.