Nem, naturlige midler til styring af din rosacea

Ved behandling af rosacea er en fangst-22. If you have a skin disease that is characterized by redness with small, acne-like hops and legions on your face, chances are lunking like your beloved bottle of red wine and the sweet order of spicy food triggers the condition.

Kontrol af rosacea ved at minimere flushness og bumps kan være frustrerende at sige mildt. Since there are a number of factors that cause the disease such as genetics, altered skin nerve, an overgrowth of demodexmider, immune system disorders and a connection to the digestive system, each person’s case is unique. Some of the treatments for skin disease can be annoying in themselves and further aggravate the symptoms.

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“As many factors go into it, it’s sometimes an attempt to find the right thing that works to deal with it,” says davatolog Cybele Fishman in New York. “Nogle lægemidler kan selv være irriterende og forstyrre hudbarrieren. Rosacea patienter har brug for en sund, intakt hudbarriere for at holde deres rosacea stille.”

Mens behandling af rosacea med antibiotika er en metode til at eliminere nogle af forsøg og fejl ved at bestemme hvilke aktuelle behandlinger der kan fungere for dig, denne vej kan også forværre sygdommen. “Hvis du behandler rosacea med højdosis antibiotika, you can destroy the balance of microorganisms in the intestine, which in turn will worsen the disease,” explains Dr. Fishman. “En lavdosis doxycyclin synes imidlertid ikke at gøre dette, fordi det er en antiinflammatorisk, snarere end et antibiotikum.”

You can take preventive measures by adopting natural drugs instead of methods that can cause recovery. Da reduction of inflammation of the skin and the body is the key in ridding skin of redness, Dr. Fishman recommends current products with anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea extract, acai, rosehip oil and star flower, which are all soothing. On her diet she suggests avoiding processed sugars and incorporates gurkemeje and omega-3 EPA (found in hørolie) and omega-6 GLA (found in black seed oil) fatty acids in your meals or supplements.

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Due to the relationship between rosacea and digestive system, she also recommends to be tested for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), fordi hvis positiv behandling af fordøjelsessystemet ofte forbedrer rosaceas tilstand.