Night Creams vs Night Masks: Hvad er forskellen, og hvad du skal bruge

Nat Creams Lead

Erin Lukas

Jan 06, 2016 @ 17:30
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Natkrem og masker er de hemmelige våben i enhver svag hudpleje rutine. Improvement of skin hydration, utstråling and minimization of signs of aging when we get our beauty sleep are definitely something we can stand behind. Slathering et produkt på vores ansigt og lad det fungere magi efter vi har ramt lysene er et simpelt nok koncept, but knowing if you need a night cream or a mask, there are things that can get the train.

Natkrem contains more nutritious and hydrating ingredients than your daily moisturizer and generally contains more nutritious and hydrating ingredients. Natmasker is like night cream on steroids, and is a more powerful way to achieve a healthier skin overnight. By leaving them while you sleep, they create a seal to maintain the water and help the ingredients penetrate the skin more efficiently, but still feel easy. Vigtigst: They do not mess on your pillow case. 

The following natkrem and masker will not make up for sleep but they will make your close eye more productive by improving your skin tone. 

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