Olays SkinAdvisor Tool fortællede mig, hvor gammel min hud ser ud

The world of beauty and technology has collided in the most harmonious way too late, with a lot of apps that are able to do everything that fits the color of your favorite sweater to its nail shadow corresponding to ordering a home- blowout på fluen. Your phone has essentially the ability to be your own compact glam team.

Olay has just launched his own revolutionary online beauty tool, SkinAdvisor, which gets so close and personal with the users that it will tell you how old your skin really appearance. Det er lidt af et skræmmende begreb, der lader mig bede: “Could I really handle the truth?”

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Men always the uberørte skønhedsreporter, I decided to try it. I mean, the whole process is super easy, and considering it’s just an app, I was ready to take it with a salt grains.

You go over to the SkinAdvisor website, and Olay goes through each step like snapping a selfie (preferably with the hair pulled back, sans makeup) and then answering a few questions about your skin problems and revealing your age. Once you’ve submitted your photo, ask SkinAdvisor for a few quick questions about your daily skin care regime to get the results done.

Min hud sande alder? Five years younger than I’m IRL … and I take it. The tool resets itself on each area of ​​the face and considers the best of its aging (the mine was collar) and the area that needs the most improved (underground area for me – tell me something I did not already know). Derefter tilbyder SkinAdvisor en liste over produkter, som den mener er mest gavnlige for din hud.

So could I handle the truth? Absolut. If SkinAdvisor had warned my skin any younger, I would have cried wrong. It’s a fun, fast little experiment in beauty that gives interesting results.

Alligevel aldres alderen forskelligt afhængigt af genetik såvel som hvad du har været udsat for. For the most accurate reading of what is normal or for concern, you may want to chat with you.