Præcis hvad man skal gøre, når din makeup begynder at pille

Jeg tror, ​​at lægematerialer kan gøre fantastiske ting til dit ansigt. Sandelig. Mænd for nylig løb jeg ind i en lille baby, mens jeg anvender min makeup. Det legit begyndte at balle op og pille, ligesom det ville på en sweater. Og guder hvad? It’s just as annoying when it happens on your face. Of course, I did not let this happen again and again. It was not exactly a situation, I will find myself again. 

So I turned to beauty experts and founders of Real Techniques, Sam and Nic Chapman. Of course I wanted to know why this happened in the first place. It turns out that there are many reasons. “Too much product, too much primer, if you have not cleaned your brushes for a long time, and you have a structure of the product on them, or it may be product ingredients that do not fit well, “explained Nic beauty problem. 

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Jeg mindste vidste jeg det! In addition to the products I tried to cocktail, unhappy against each other, or maybe it was not due to washing my brushes. It’s also very possible, I spent too much of my foundation and foundation. Ved at kende dette kan jeg foretage justeringer.

Mænd min første forsvarslinje var at bruge mindre makeup og gradvist tilføje det, hvor det er nødvendigt. Less is more and you always have the opportunity to build it. 

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Men hvad der mere can be done to fight back against this seriously annoying problem on our beautiful faces? “Den bedste måde at stoppe dette på er at sikre, at dine børster holder rene, inden du bruger sminke. Børster must be cleaned every week to help with the application and to improve brush performance, “noted Sam.” Prøv at bruge Real Cleaning Brush Cleansing Gel og penselrensningspalet for at holde børsterne rene og forhindre pilling. Also try not to go to a primer that has a gel or waxy silicone finish as it can also contribute to pilling. “

Og der har du det! Hopefully I will never have to spend another second to worry about this terrible makeup preaching. 

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