Rød og Pink Eye Makeup til prøve, fordi bogstaveligt talte alle bærer det

Rød/Pink Eye Makeup Trend - LEAD
Randy Brooke / WireImage

Victoria Moorhouse

19. september 2016 @ 2:15 pm

What is the most used color in your eye shadow palette? I can bet that it is probably the soft brown, bronze or something that falls within the category “neutral”. Den dybe lilla og metalliske grønne? Yes, they have been touched, but the red? Chances are, it’s almost new, while the pink might have got a little more play time. Now, if you have followed the celebrity arts or even the landing strip, knowing that you are wearing rosy eye products (whether it’s pink or red) is an actual thing.

Lucy Hale er blevet fanget iført det – amazing so if you ask us. Kylie Jenners BFF Jordyn Woods fik det til at fungere med en katteøje på sin nederste lash line, mens Kim K. W. lavede en smudgy rød liner look skete. 

And then there’s the whole Anna Sui NYFW show, where all the models (including Bella and Gigi Hadid) went down the runway with brilliant red-eye makeup and rose-red pouts. Trygt at kalde det en trend, til højre? 

We grave it, we’ve talked about how we get the look and now we show you products you can take to do it. Check out some red and pink eyes to know about below.