Samira, Samira, Lad ned dit hår

“I’ve had my hair short for a very long time – it’s been nine years. Before I cut it, I had long hair, everything was from permeated to straight. I remember when I came to Juilliard – that was just skør for mig, at jeg ville studere på en sådan skole – the choice of cutting my whole hair out was really symbolic for me, “Samira Wiley shared under his MIMI photo shoot. “It feels like I got the choice to get a new start. It’s the same for many African American girls of the age-you see a tendency of those who go back to their natural hair-that’s definitely what I was chasing det tidspunkt. And I did not really go back [to long hair] because it felt so good. “

And just like that, without knowing that, Samira Wiley put the scene to play one of Litchfield’s most beloved inmates – Poussey Washington – whose TWA (it’s teeny-weeny-afro, BTW), which now precedes her on Netflix’s hitshow (slå det: kulturelt fænomen) Orange er det nye sort, som jeg øjeblikket film sin fjerde sæson i New York City.

Stephania Stanley

point: Versus Floral-print silke spil,; Ariel Gordon Halskæde,; Dualitas Ringe og Øreringe,

And mens short hair can be the core of her character on the show, insists Wiley at, she is a fan of longer hair. After having tried extensions and braids at a younger age, she does not exclude a major change- OITNB: “I look forward to when the show comes close to when it is – to get another of the new beginners. I’m looking forward to growing my hair and doing different things with it” says.

At Kløen til et nyt ‘realized on the set of her MIMI cover shoot, where Wiley was excited to try paryk styled by Parykmester Cynthia Alvarez (you can remember her work on cast mate Dascha Polanco s Latina magasin cover). “For at kunne se på dig selv jeg spejlede og se noget som du ikke ville tænke på alene, er du ligesom, Åh min Gud, jeg har brug for dette i mit liv!“Og da hun så på hendes stil i en hakket lob og lille, midtparted updo, kunne vi ikke. Enig. Mere.

Stephania Stanley

point: Audra Bodysuit,; Topshop Boyfriend Jeans,; Helen Ficalora halskæde,; Vita Fede ring og armbånd,

Wiley credits her mother and older sister for her beauty revolution, introducing her to different kinds of body and hair styles and always inspires her to change things up. Som en ung pige, these influential women did not only work as her mentors, but as stilkeleons, who continue to encourage her beauty and fashion progression on the daily.

“My mom is super fabulous, and I can remember that she tells me about 13,” You can start having a makeup now. “And it’s funny, I did not take her on it!” Yet fifteen years later – and it’s easy to see how with her envious skin (see insert below) -Wiley does not wear a lot of makeup in her everyday life. “To be honest, when I go to shots or I’m doing, make it really makeup special and allow me to have so much fun with it – I do not wear it every day because I like my skin at trække vejret. “


Stephania Stanley

point: Houghton Lace Bodysuit,; Bardot Crop Top,; J Brand Læder Shorts,; Side Sargisson Øreringe,; Vita Fede Ring,

Before he landed on a hit series, Wiley was involved in the theater world after Juilliard, but the trust and self-assurance that helped her land all her roles, goes back to her early family life. På voksen op til datteren af ​​baptistprædikanterne (som i flertallet, både mor og far) i Washington DC, kan det være som om Wiley – som åbenlyst er homoseksuel – måtte have slået med at fortælle sin familie om hendes seksualitet, men hendes erfaring var helt det modsatte.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear what you hear about so many people in the [LGBT] community – you know everything from parents to tell their children that they are going to hell, parents literally refuse who their children are. I feel honestly, at that is worse, because you have gone so much at the time of accepting yourself in society, and you pattern the courage to come to your parents and it is completely denied. “Tænker on his own parents in that scenario, says Wiley, “it’s scary to imagine it, at least.”

Stephania Stanley

point: Rebecca Taylor Blazer,; Zimmermann Bodice,; Topshop Boyfriend Jeans,; Helen Ficalora Øreringe og Halskæde,

And it grows up with this acceptance and support system, which according to co-star Dascha Polanco (Daya) has turned Wiley to the person she’s today: “Like a friend, like a friend, she accepts a lot of everyone” Dascha tells us . At my current position, Wiley knows there is a great duty without acceptance, which should be a good role model for the HBT community.

“I think that comes with my visibility is a responsibility and I do not take it easy. I want to make sure that any young or somebody really looks at me – who looks glimpsed of who I am like a person – that they do not look ashamed that they see pride and that I am really reluctant to the person I am. “

Stephania Stanley

point: Rebecca Taylor Jumpsuit,

And I’m Hollywood, who finally celebrates the actors, using Wiley platforms like Instagram (with its 1.6M followers) to share their pride, her feed is packed with everything from selfies and funny memes to intimate kissy billeder med sin kæreste, Orange er den nye sorte forfatter Lauren Morelli. Samira likes to keep their relationships private, but mention that while they do not share makeup, they share clothes, both of which are the same size. “I actually wear clothes on her shirt right now,” tells Wiley on set.

And mens life on the screen in Litchfield can be fictitious for the show, it does not mean that some of the stereotypes to be in a lesbian relationship do not follow her around in real life. Når man bliver spurgt, om folk lægger mærker på hende og kæresten som “læbestift” eller “tomboy”, mener Wiley hele klassifikationssystemet er passé.

Stephania Stanley

point: Joseph Sweater,; Dualitas Triple Wrap Ring;; Vita Fede Ear Crawler,

“I do not really have a word for myself or a category that I put in. I do not think too much about it, I only bear what feels good. If I can see in the mirror with what I’m wearing, if it makes me stand a certain way, if it makes me smile, I do not care whether it’s from this end of the spectrum or the other end. I remember this belief: The Sunday is for God and that you use your best for God, your most glamorous dresses on Easter Sunday and feel like a million bucks. And growing up and learning more about myself, I feel that life is about finding the middle so I have gone back and forth to different styles , fra girly til dressing helt som – som vi ville sige i samfundet og manglende bedre ord – som en “dreng”. “

For Wiley-hvem vil blive sat i kommende film, 37, om mordet på Kitty Genovese – der er en viden og modenhed i at være selv (ved 5’3 og en størrelse 0), der viser nogle af de bedste ting kommer i små pakker. “I was on a photo shoot and one of the people who helped me try different clothes. I had a outfit on – and she goes,” Do not worry, it’s a sneak with Photoshop. “She was referring to a part of my body, and I could not believe it!”

Stephania Stanley

“It just made me pay attention to Hollywood- Åh Gud, hvordan skal disse kvinder elske sig selv? How should they feel proud or feel that they can even achieve something that stands in front of them? “Spørger hun. Og selvom Orange er det nye sort har været rost for sin mangfoldighed ved casting af forskellige etniske grupper og kvinder af alle former og størrelser, siger Wiley, that it’s the only show she has ever played that she was first naive to the fact that “some of Skuespillerne on the show would not be cast on TV shows. How terrible is that, the unattainable goal that faces girls every day? Look at someone like Danielle Brooks [who plays Taystee], she’s sexy, do you know? Women are sexy and like other women – they look like people who see them. “

Stephania Stanley

Mænd på trods af den indstillede stylist og presset fra en Photoshopped Tinsletown, Wiley er allerede låst op, hvad der gør hende glad og det er det der holder hende i fordi hun elsker selv og ikke i noget underligt, for vild, Zoolander-y slags måde.

“I love myself, and what we should strive for is to love yourself. Because you can not move forward, you can not make people love you, you can not look at other people and accept them for who they are – unless you love yourself completely. “

Elysia Berman

Makeup af Ricky Wilson; Hair & Parykker af Cynthia Alvarez; Stil af Lindsay Taylor Huggins; Manicure af Gracie J