Scent and sensitivity: Why your nose says “no” to some perfumes

I have always known that there was something a bit unusual about the smell. It’s (and has always been) pulling, like a raw, visible nerve. Da jeg var barn, var udsigten til at blive fast i en lille elevator med en gammel dame og hendes skadelige parfymsky nok til få mig til at bryde ud i elveblader. I had a particularly hard time with spicy scents and powdery flowers. On the other side, there were some scents – the wild roses that covered the rocky beach near our beach house in Ogunquit, Maine, or the sweet lilies in the valley that grew in a dark corner of our backyard in Wellesley, Mass. Had the opposite virkning på mig. De var mine egne Morgenmad på Tiffany’s, a sensory tilflugtssted where I could take a few drunk whiffs and start feeling calm and centered again.

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Jeg gymnasium intensiverede min modvilje mod tung syntetiske smuktstoffer. Dette var 80’erne, æra med fedte, brash parfume som Giorgio og Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium ($ 67, Min bedste ven havde gave ($ 98;, og det voksede som en slags skimmel mellem os. I could literally not stand in the same room with her when she had the so famous sweet and powerful perfume. (I later found out that she was just as shocked by the sheer fragrances I dug up. How do I wonder about my sensory self-absorption, can anyone be rejected by the smell of fresh grapefruit? Or Aveda’s Shampure, to this day en af ​​mine all-time favorit dufte?)

It turns out that our radically different perceptions of fragrance were not so unusual. “We are all at a sensory spectrum,” says Dr. Ted Zeff, author of Den stærkt følsomme persons overlevelsesvejledning ($ 15, “Omkring 20 procent af befolkningen har et meget følsomt nervesystem. It is the people who feel deeper and often contain fragrances. In my research I found many of them struggling with synthetic fragrances.” Naturlige æteriske olier is often easier to handle and treat, he says. And many have beneficial effects: “Consider something like lavender. If you are a HSP [very sensitive person] and you breathe it, it may calm down. It’s the same with chamomile and rose.” These oils reduce stress. “

Dr. Zeff says, at when he – a self-diagnosed HSP sitting next to someone wearing a synthetic perfume on a plane, he gets a headache. It should be noted that there are a number of other causes – including allergies and asthma – someone may become very reactive to perfume. Mænd jeg mange tilfælde mener dr. Zeff, simply can be criticized for an overactive sensory system. Sometimes the fragrance does not have to be particularly strong or even unnatural for at fremkalde en ubehagelig reaktion. “Jeg havde engang en duft, jeg elskede,” forklarede en kollega af mine. “Men then I had a person I did not like asking me what it was and started wearing it everyday. Now I can not even smell that fragrance without getting in a bad mood.” For en gennemsnitlig person kan denne historie være lidt skør. Men like Dr. Zeff bemærker feel very sensitive people more intensely, and often not only the fragrance of the fragrance, but the feelings that are generated by it.

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To understand this fully helps it to know how the fragrance is being treated in the brain. Når vi inhalerer en duft, rejser den til lygtepæren, som ligger lige ved siden af ​​hippocampus, også kendt som hukommelsesstedet. This explains why, after many days frolicking along the coast of Ogunquit, I came to connect the daring wild roses with the carefree happiness to the summer. Det forklarer også hvorfor min mand aldrig burde have brugt sin yndlingscologne som hunddeodorizer.

At the other end of the sensory spectrum are people with an underdeveloped-or what some sensory integration specialists call a hyposensitive sense of smell. Some people are born in this way; andre mister deres fyldningsevne på grund af sundhedsmæssige eller miljømæssige årsager. “Der er en række ting, der kan mindske ens lugtesans,” siger Dorene Petersen, formand for Aromatherapy Registration Council. “One of the first things to look at is zinc intake. This mineral is closely linked to a healthy sense of smell, and it is a fairly common defect.” Smoking can also reduce the effectiveness of your sniffer, such as aging, medication, chemical exposure and a host of medical problems. Min sen far, som led af astma, mistede helt sin lugtfølelse som barn (denne tilstand, kendt som anosmi, kan opstå, når lygtepæren er blokeret af hævelse eller næsepolypper). Du kunne bogstaveligt talt sprøjte en hel flaske Love’s Baby Soft ($ 12, på sin pude og han ville ikke lugte det. Interessant nok, da duften er tæt knyttet til vores gustatory sans, kunne han næppe smag sin mad. Mens i, et overfølsomt barn, recalled at least the suggestion of red hot chili flakes in my tacos, I would routinely pour a bottle of Tabasco sauce over almost everything he ate (egg, stew, grisknuckles, pickled herring). He made a sport out of rejecting children with his eccentric culinary habits, which I now realize was made possible by slowly shooting nerve receptors in his broken asthmatic nose.

So what does all this mean with regard to choosing a signature perfume? En masse. With a better understanding of your unique sensory and emotional profile, you get an easier time navigating the ocean by overwhelming choices. And about the colleague in the next office, just a perfume bottle on the carpet? Fyld en sprit flaske med lige dele eddike og vand og sprøjt liberalt. Jeg sværger det vil hjælpe.

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Er du en meget følsom person?

Not all HSPs fight with fragrance, but many do it, says Cliff Harwin, author of Sans for din høj sensitivitet ($ 9; Tag denne quiz for at se, om nogen af ​​disse egenskaber lyder som dig. Hvis du er enig i tre eller flere af følgende, er du sandsynligvis meget følsom.

• Du har et stærkt behov for alene tid.
• Du er let påvirket af caffein og alkohol.
• Du er dybt bevæget af kunst og musik og har et rigtigt interiørliv.
• You have a long-term relationship with earplugs and eye masks.
• You are sometimes in the middle of an emotional conversation (even a positive).
• You have a sharp radar to others feelings and are extremely conscientious.

Hit din høje note

Så kan du snyde en skurkigt aldehyd hurtigere end en bombe-detekterende Labrador? Big pisk. Now there are dozens of essential oils and natural blends that will appeal to your finely tuned nose. For something a little stronger and more complex, check out these other notorious creations. Men tak venligst: Do not go straight into the elevator.

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Hvis du kan lide Vetiver

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(Fra toppen) Den rene olie: Aura Cacia Vetiver organisk æterisk olie ($ 13 / 0,5 fl. Oz.,, Den naturlige blanding: Heeley Paris Vetiver Veritas Eau de Parfum ($ 195 / 1,7 fl . Oz., Luckyscent. Com), Den stærke parfume: Carven Vetiver eau de toilette ($ 102 / 3,33 fl. Oz.,

Hvis du kan lide Bergamot

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(Fra toppen) Den rene olie: Aura Cacia Bergamot Organisk æterisk olie ($ 11 / 0,25 fl. Oz.,, Den naturlige blanding: Mærkelig usynlige parfumer Leo eau de parfum ($ 125 / 0,5 fl .Oz.,, Den stærke parfume: Tom Ford Private Blend Venetian Bergamot Eau de Parfum ($ 220/50 ml,

Hvis du kan lide Neroli

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(Fra top) Den rene olie: Apothecary Shoppe Økologisk Neroli æterisk olie ($ 20/1 ml,, Den naturlige blanding: Tsi-La Organics Fiori d’Arancio økologisk eau de parfum ($ 95/50 ml Spiritibeautylounge .com), Den stærke parfume: Nomenklaturen Effloresce eau de parfum ($ 165 / 3,4 fl. oz.,

Hvis du kan lide jasmin

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(Fra top) Den rene olie: Apothecary Shoppe Jasmine Sambac Absolut æterisk olie ($ 25/1 ml,, Den naturlige blanding: Rød blomst Champa organisk parfume koncentrat ($ 186/15 ml, , Den kraftige parfume: Diptyque Jasmin Essenser Insensées eau de parfum ($ 175 / 2,5 fl. Oz.,

Hvis du kan lide Rose

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(Fra top) Den rene olie: Jurlique Rose Ren æterisk olie, ($ 51 / 0,03 fl. Oz.,, Den naturlige blanding: Aftelier Parfumer Wild Roses Eau de Parfum ($ 180 / 0,25 fl. Oz ., Aftelier. Com), Den stærke parfume: Chanel nr. 5 Eau Première eau de parfum spray ($ 100 / 1,7 fl. Oz.,

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Hvis du kan lide vanille

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(Fra toppen) Den rene olie: Aveda Singular Note Vanilla Absolut essentiel olie ($ 28/1 fl. Oz.,, Den naturlige blanding: Pacifica Island Vaniljespray parfume ($ 22/1 fl. Oz., Pacificabeauty. com), Den stærke parfume: La Collection Privée Christian Dior Fève Délicieuse eau de parfum ($ 210 / 4,2 fl. Oz.,

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