Sådan tilberedes fysisk og mentalt til din første spray Tan

If you have never had a spray brown before, you are not alone.

Selvom DIY-ruten ofte er mere bekvemt, kan den opretholdte magt og præcisionen af ​​en in-salon spray ikke være beat. Din specialist kan bruge spray tanning formel til at konturere nogle ekstra definition i din abs, eller gøre dine ben ser længere og slankere alvorligt. Even if you break out, or have eczema or psoriasis flare, it becomes less visible under a clean bronze veil, and you can expect to keep your glow strong for up to two weeks, provided you moisten.

We talked with the White Liberata founder Alyson Hogg about how to navigate the nuances of your first spray brown, including how you mentally prepare your Showgirls øjeblik foran en perfekt fremmed. Læs videre for din rookie’s guide til spraying garvning.

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Ikke panik

We make it quite naked in front of a stranger, placed in a starfish form, can be quite a daunting task, but be sure that you do not have to strip all the way down. “We have usually one-time or a bh if you’re not 100% comfortable to be naked, and our spray tanners are good at making people feel safe and ubange,” tells Hogg. “You should only dress at your level of comfort, and our tanistas are more interested in the skin they are dealing with.”

Spis dine Veggies

It is strange enough that the green greens you have for lunch can affect how well your color develops. “Før sprøjtbrunne, I recommend eating green vegetables that are high in lysine like bald, spinach or avocado,” explains Hogg. “This is a very important amino acid for tanning and will improve the color you achieve.”

Læg af fugtighedscreme

Even if you want to exfoliate with an oil-free scrubber in advance (as you would with home-tanner), Hogg suggests skipping the lotion about 12 hours before your appointment. “Fugtighedscreme or creme soap can leave a residual film on the skin, which can block the development and effectiveness of the spray brown,” explains she. Having said that, you would like to avoid moisturizing immediately after, though it is safe to apply when you have showered.

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Brug løstpassende tøj

I fall with the Vita Liberata formula, you do not need to worry that your sunburn rubs on your clothes, but as a protective measure it would be smart not to wear white. “Solbrændingen is not transferred, so you can get around immediately, but do not carry too tight and avoid contact with water for 6 to 8 hours,” says Hogg. It looks like your hot yoga class just has to wait.

Lad ikke brusebad bagefter

You will avoid the shower for 6 to 8 hours after sunburn to allow it to fully develop, so plan to either carry it through the workday if you have your tanning done in the morning or sleep on it. Hvis du starter med en bleg basisfarve, foreslår Hogg at undgå bruseren for en hel dag.