Skønhedsspiller: Mød kvinden bag Chantecaille’s Multi Million Dollar Empire

Welcome to Beauty Boss, a genlydende serie, where we focus on the powerful players who drive the beauty world forward. Overvej dette din chance for at stealing your forward-looking secrets and growing from the real lessons they have learned at work.

French born Sylvie Chantecaille has one of the most recognized surnames in beauty biz. Hvorfor? Hun er grundlæggeren af ​​Chantecaille, en makeup, kosmetisk og hudcarel linje lavet af rene botaniske blomster, æteriske olier og vitaminer (ja alle de gode ting). Vi chatte med skønheden om, hvordan hun byggede denne utrolige linje fra bunden.

Hvad er din baggrund?

I studied art and theater history in Paris, where I was raised. Det var virkelig det perfekte forberedelse til min karriere. When I moved to New York City, I set up my first cosmetics company with my friend Diane von Furstenberg (cool perfume Tatiana was part of that line).

I 1979 I was asked by the family Lauder to create a new beauty company that became a prescriptive. With this new approach to cosmetics, I led some of the most innovative developments in the beauty industry, including offering tailor-made blend of shadow to help women identify their perfect foundation shadow, an unprecedented concept at the time. Vi lancerede også Calyx, en bedst sælgende duft, som stadig er elsket i dag.

Hvordan faldt du i skønhed?

Ved et uheld! I should be “an art dealer, but I loved makeup, and I had many friends who loved it too. Succesen I saw the fragrance I made with Diane, was the start of it, and then there were beauty possibilities just by coming.

How did you come up with the concept of Chantecaille after launch of prescription?

I launched Chantecaille in 1997, driven by a desire to create a company that reflected my own spiritual and holistic passion. I wanted to be the first skin care company based on flowers – completely clean and incorporated by luxurious quality, scientific forward technology and botanical ingredients. Chantecaille startede først som et niche fransk dufthus med brand originale dufte baseret på naturlige æteriske olier. Inden for et og et halvt år fandt jeg, at min passion for høj kvalitet hudpleje, naturlige produkter, kinesisk medicin og aromaterapi bad om at blive udvidet til en skønhedsline. Dette er virkelig, hvordan det hele begyndte.

Hvad gør det unikt?

Chantecaille’s vigtigste skelnen er vores engagement i kvalitet og renhed i vores produkter. We source the most effective botanical ingredients, and we work with experts all over the world, with different researchers and technical laboratories selected for their strengths in certain aspects of our business. For example, we make most of our foundation in Japan, develops our skin care in Switzerland and produces all our fragrances in France.

We are also a company that commits itself to philanthropy and preservation in spids. Siden 2006 har Chantecaille lanceret 22 limited edition “cause-metics” -samlinger til gavn for bevarelsesindsatsen for at beskytte havet, miljøet og truede dyre- og plantearter. Each season we donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these palettes directly to charities that support these causes. Vi støtter David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust og Elephants and Bees grundlaget med udgivelsen af ​​vores forår 2017 Mermaid Matte Eye Trio.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Women say things like “where have you been my whole life? Now where I have your products, I will never change!” Another beautiful client told me she felt safe using our products during chemotherapy and that our Gold Cream fik hendes hud igennem det.

What was your “aha moment” when you realized that at Chantecaille had really been a success?

Da Angelina Jolie applied our glorious gloss to the air on Golden Globes-it was enormous. She also chose to use all our products a few years ago on the front of Vanity Fair and then proceeded to order tons of colors for the film she shot in Venice. I was also incredibly proud this year to hear that Chantecaille is the number one brand at Bergdorf Goodman, a trendsetting beauty lady for women in New York and around the world.

What makeup products do you never leave home outside?

I never leave home without future skin in the nude in winter and only skin in tan in summer. Future skin is a gel-based formula, which is watery with soothing ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera. Det giver en smuk dyb finish i stedet for flad og mat, og dækningen kan bygges.

I can not live without our clean clean water – I do not want to fly without the travel size bottle. That’s the first thing I get to in the morning and last, I treat my face at bedtime. Our is the only rose water that is made of 100% of the very rare Rose de Mai extract from 1,000 petals is in every bottle.

Hvilket product from the line is your absolute favorite right now?

Jeg er besat med vores Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara. Det øger faktisk lash længden i to uger med 25 procent!

What is a mistake, as most women do when it comes to skin care or makeup that they could easily fix?

Kvinder plejer ofte at bruge det forkerte grundlag for deres hudtype eller tone. Too much of the wrong formula can make the skin look dry – which can worsen them. Women with fedtet skin are often afraid to use moisturizer, as it is actually oils and creams that are good at regulating and protecting oily skin. Serum er fantastisk til denne type hud, og vores Bio Lifting Oil Free Fluid er matificerende, hvilket er perfekt til dem. Most importantly, everyone after 35 years must use anti-aging skin care to repair and prevent future damage to the skin..

Hvem tror du har den smukkeste hud i Hollywood?

Jeg tror, ​​at mange kvinder har smuk hud. Mine personlige favoritter er Emma Roberts, hun er positivt lysende. Den smukke Emma Stone har en bedøvelse lys hud, og Cate Blanchett er en tidløs skønhed med en strålende hud.