Taylor Hill har en Makeup Stash som du aldrig har set før

You would think if you’re a professional model – actually make it a Victoria’s Secret supermodel – you do not have to make your own hair and makeup, especially for a red carpet event. You would think that when one is ready to get ready, one of the fashion and beauty professionals will come to your hotel door and all you have to do in the coming hours, just sit back and enjoy (beauty) RET?!

Godt, forkert. Tilsyneladende er Taylor Hill ikke din almindelige supermodel. Trust me, the girl has so many makeup skills and tricks that you probably should take note of this. Har du noteret sektionen åben på din iPhone? Godt.

I aften tog Hill til Instagram Stories for at dokumentere, da hun blev klar til Business of Fashion 500-gala i London – og Lancômes ansigt gjorde hendes makeup helt alene. 

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Først og fremmest tager du et sekund for at beundre sit fejlfri ansigt uden en ounce sminke.

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Mænd den vigtigste lektion vi lærte af hende (in addition to the fact that we must have one of these pillow foundation compact ASAP) is blending the key.

Faktisk brugte hun sin skønhedsblender til både hendes fundament og concealer, der forklarer hvorfor hun har nul blothed, cakiness eller afgrænsningslinjer.

Hill used all Lancôme products to achieve the perfect cat eye and give her skin a sunshine glow. Alvorligt she made her contouring look completely stupid with just one touch on each kind, and of course, goes on with the theme and blends to perfection. 

My appearance in the evening celebrates the top 500 most influential people at the Fashion of Event event. Check out my Instagram history to see which @ lancomeofficial products I used to make ready ���� (I’m getting better I lover)

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