The Best Fiber-Filled Mascaras for en Faux Lash Effect

Fiber Mascaras Lead

Alexis Bennett

11. februar 2016 @ 12:00

It’s right, at your eyebrows can change the way your whole face looks, but celebrities know that eyelashes are equally important. If you do not believe in it, we dare to try to find a star that does not bear fake on the red carpet. The extra length and volume does not just peeper a flirting edge, but also opens the entire face. Men if you’re not ready to test extensions or just want a quick fix, fiber mascara’s best effort. These tubes are filled with silk or rayon filaments that adhere to your natural hair, resulting in fuller envy-fringe.

It’s time to say goodbye to stub lashes and hello to incredibly genuine length with one of our favorite formulas below.

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