The one game-shifting product you need to know about to cystic zits

Ikke alle zits er skabt ens. You probably know already, thanks to previous visitors who temporarily stayed on your garden or between your pande. Men we speak not only of a bum size or redness. There are actually different types of blemishes, and no one gets us as worked as cyster. 

For the first, they can be painful to touch. You can also often see bumps underneath your skin, but it does not come to a head where the infection is visible, which often makes treatment of it quite complicated. Kendte estetiker Renee Rouleau fought with this first hand after having realized that all her dermatologists only dried out her skin – did not come to the probe under the skin’s surface. 

Så i 1996 lancerede hun sin enormt berømte Anti Cyst Treatment, virkelig et en-of-a-kind serum, der retter sig mod hjertet af cystisk acne. Og over 20 år senere er vi stadig freaking over det. It’s really a whole product you need to know about.

Anti Cyst Treatment
Renee Rouleau
$ 46

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“Anti Cyst Treatment er en kraftig behandling af problem hud og er formuleret til at give en hurtig opsving til at reducere synlig inflammation af stædig cystisk acne bump, which develops deep inside the skin and can last for weeks or even months,” she explained. . “Most acne blemishes are designed to wipe out the infection when present in the form of a pustule or whitehead on the surface of the skin. In the case of cysts, the infection is not on the surface. They rarely come to the head. Then apply a drying treatment vil kun forlade huden flaky og irriteret, mænd med en stor bump stadig under nedenunder. “

Dette produkts krav til berømmelse? Når de anvendes straks på et nyt (og fundet) cyste, ingredienserne hurtigt virker ved hjælp af ingredienser som ethyl lactat for cleaning pores and calm hops, methyl gluceth 20 to reduce inflammation and redness as well as citric acid for exfoliation and even skin tone. 

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“For effektivt at bruge Anti Cyst Behandling for at reducere udseendet af cystisk acne, skal du anvende en dråbe til ren hud, så snart cysten bliver synligt,” explains Rouleau. “When you use the morning or evening, you must first perform your regular routine. Then you should take a damp tissue or q-tip and wipe the affected area clean before applying. Anti Cyst Treatment should be used as the last step. day or night until the bump is no longer visible. “

You can use it on new bumps and cysts that have stuck for a while. Bonus, you can use it to prevent them from happening initially by applying it daily or 2-3 times a week in areas exposed to the spots. 

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