The secret of shaving your knees without missing a place

De siger praksis gør perfekt. Now I have practiced to shave my legs, when my mother gave me a leafy disposable bearer at the age of 12, and I still can not seem to get it right, so I call it idiom right now. Mine kalve og overlår er silkeblødt næsten hver gang, men uden tvivl always savner kæmpe gips af blond hår på begge mine knæ. Og når jeg formår at barbere stubben? Uundgåeligt will it come out of the shower with the endless bleeding kinds of cuts that destroy all your beach towels.

Jeg ved, at jeg ikke er alene. It’s a complaint, I hear from my girlfriends, as they point out their stray hair, living a full life on the top of the knee. Generelt er barberingsproblemer virkelige. Jessica Simpson documented the famous on his Instagram and we have been there.

Manglede et sted…

Et indlæg delt af Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) den


It convinced me to ask the question: Do any really ved hvordan man barberer knæene, eller laver vi bare bare? And there’s a real way to treat the infamous and difficult shaped part of your legs?

Af bat er denne kropsdel ​​af natur et problem for barberingen. “The knees are bones and have concave and convex areas that can be very small and difficult to navigate,” notes Caitlin Orszulak, a researcher for Venus research and development.

In addition, she mentions that there are added complexities when shaving in the shower, as poor light and is wet and soapy. Det lyder som om vi alle bliver sat op til tabe.

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Only part of the answer is to find a fixed razor. Orszulak suggests that there are five knives that are very close together so that you eliminate the chances of your skin being caught between the knives and then cutting yourself. She also proposes to try a barber knife with a swivel head and spring leaves, such as Venus-Refreshable razors, or one with a flexiball technology like Venus Swirl ($ 6, that fits the different angles on your knees.

Brug af barberingsgel eller skum kan hjælpe dig med at se hvor du har barberet og hvor du ikke har det, i modsætning til bare at bruge boblende såbe.

Endelig er der din teknik. Lisa Guidi, æstetiker, entrepreneur og administrerende direktør / founder af Erase Spa foreslår at bruge brusstoppe og sidder, når du barberer. “You must take your time to walk around your knee to make sure you do not cut yourself and miss somewhere,” she says, adding that you should not push too hard with your shaver.

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Orszulak says that you can also try the inputs to shave your knees in two different positions – bent and straightened to get as flat as possible.

When she takes small blows, she suggests to start under the knee’s left side and strike the barber knife along the natural curve to the top of it and repeat this technique on the right side. “Take a shot from left to right, if you think you still have missed spots,” she adds..

Finally, she says that you will remove your knees lately, so you know that the skin is fully hydrated.

By 26 years, maybe now I can say that I have mastered shaving my legs.

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