These color changing lipsticks are largely moody to your face

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Marianne Mychaskiw

11. oktober 2017 @ 11:00
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Can not decide which color lipstick to wear? Lad læbestiftet bestemme dig. When these formulas are in contact with your pout, a combination of your natural pH and temperature will cause the monoclonal shade to change to peach, coral or hot pink variation. 

The concept of shadow shifting lipstifter is not a terrible new. Our fiksering with them began back in the 90s, where the moodstiften filled our local Claire shelf, and a few years ago the brands began to roll out the pink shades activated by your own body heat. The newest crop of color change formulas is not limited to a single shade of pink and comes infused with shimmer, plumping agents, skin care ingredients, and even actual flowers suspended within the point. Køb et par af de fedeste valgmuligheder på markedet nedenfor. 

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