This is what it likes to sit in a personal meditation pod for 20 minutes

Ikke til lyd som den ultimative “Jeg bærer alle sorte og bor i New York” stereotype, men sometimes the city can drain, so I will try almost any strange treatment method or class that can help me calm down the hell. Everyone who knows me is well aware that I am a believer in flotation therapy. It’s upright first, but I became a believer after my first session and almost fell down the street when I went home since I was so relaxed. Meditation var hund og lidt nyt koncept. I tried a meditation class at MNDFL, which I loved but was convinced that I did wrong because I listened to go back Sunday on my way there and had the hook for “Cute Without the E” fast for the most part of session . When I heard about Somadome, I could like the idea when they merged the two, and the combination of soothing lights and music would be enough to keep my sad girl playlist out of disturbance. Jeg ankom til Pure Yoga-studiet på Upper West Side, hvor jeg blev instrueret til en pod, der var stationeret i lobbyen, bag nogle dekorative planter for privatlivets fred. Det lignede noget som de mytiske lap pods nogle virksomheder har i deres kontorer, unless it could close over your upper body and a soft blue ring of light around the perimeter illuminated the dome. Du har evnen til at vælge din ønskede session på en touchscreen pad i podmen, men jeg har lige valgt den generiske “Relax” option, da det var min første gang. I sat on the headphones, was welcomed to my session with a relaxing cyborg voice, and an Enya-esque instrumental beat fyldte mine ears.

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I indrømmer – at first it was a little difficult for me to relax. Even though the pode was in a secluded part of the lobby, I felt a bit self-conscious with my little boots stuck out of the podium, and the headphones did not completely block external noise. It was not loud in the lobby anyway – it’s a yoga studio – but at one point when I thought I heard ocean noise, it was really just somebody pulling a box over the floor. I am doing this annoying thing when I try something like this for a while, I start thinking about what to write and it gets really meta fast so I turned up the sound on the headphones and after a while, hvor står jeg til på zon ud. Fordi kuplen is lit in blue and music plays in the headphones, you’re not completely robbed of the senses, as you would be in a flotation tank, but it’s a step towards this area if you want to work it up. After 20 minutes gliding in and out of a dreamlike state, I was brought back with the same voice at the beginning and felt really when I was able to peel me out of the seat. Hvis jeg var Mariah Carey rig, ville jeg helt sikkert have en af ​​disse i mit eget hjem, men da jeg bor i en studie lejlighed, og jeg er ikke Mariah Carey rigdom, I have to settle for an occasional session – maybe on one of the more intense levels next time.