Vent, kan din favorit duft virkelig gå dårligt?

Have you ever wondered why vintage perfume has all det lugter? No, the answer is not that any woman from decades would have a heavy, syrupy scent, but you probably knew that already. The answer is that the perfume can change over time, and you may have even experienced a sudden sudden scent that comes from a once-lit and vibrant bottle of nozzle on its own.

Den parfume er ikke nødvendigvis væk dårlig, although. Nå, ikke helt dårligt, forklarer Charna Ethier, en prisbelønnet parfume baseret i Providence, Rhode Island. Parfumer alkohol er typisk 98 procent ethanol, which is incredibly strong, she says, making it almost impossible for the fluid to go “bad”. For at give dig et perspektiv på hvor stærk parfumealkohol er, ved at medicinske instrumenter steriliseres med 80 procent ethanol.

“What happens with time is fragrance will lose the mousserende topnoter,” says she. “Top noter er de mest flygtige af parfume materialer, hvilket betyder, at de hurtigt fordampes. Selv en velstoppet parfumeflaske – holdes under ideal conditions – will lose citrus, spice and aldehyde notes over a period of time.”

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er grunden til, at mange vintage parfume lugter base-heavy. All the light and delicate toner is evaporated and leaves a rich, woody resinous scent in the bottle. I øvrigt anbefaler Ethier at brug lys, citrus, frisk ildelugtende eller naturlig parfume inden for to år efter køb. Another option is to buy the smaller version, especially if you’re more a perfume rotator than a “fit perfume” person. The mere sensual woodier fragrances will remain true for fragrance anymore, so you do not have to use them as fast.

Another way to keep your fragrances for a long time is to store them in a cool, dark place.

“Både lys og varme kan kompromittere din duft”, explains expert organizer Shara Koplowitz, whose job requires that she knows how to store alt ordentligt. “At holde dine dyrebare parfumer væk fra begge elementer er bare fornuftigt, ordsprog beregnet.”

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If you really want to show a bottle collection, try to keep the dark or opaque bottles on the screen and the clear bottles out of the sun. She also suggests keeping your perfumes out of the bathroom where heat and humidity can break them down at a faster rate. This bedroom or a linen closet is a much better option than right next to the shower.

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