What KarJenner Søsters Eyebrows really says about them

Kylie Jenners øjenbrynshistorie er ikke din gennemsnitlige fortælling om overpucking og års beklagelse. Besides knowing what a pencil works for her and how to fill them, Kylie knows what her forehead says about her personality. Nej virkelig! And she went to a professional facial reader to find out. 

I was referring to her app revealed Kylie that she went to pro-face reader Jean Haner for lowdown on what alle KarJenner sisters eyebrows really reveal them. 

Så Kylie? She does not care for as long as the others, and she always says that she is sure in her decisions. “Disse eyjenbryn shows that she has a clarity that many people may lack,” reads the post. 

Kendall has a diagonal slope, which apparently shows that she is thinking. 

Kourtneys pander is rounded and placed high above the eyes, pointing out that she is kind, has good taste and high principles, while Khloe’s long and full brow shows that she can handle drama and appreciates her relationships. Men I mean, we already knew it already about KoKo, right?

Og Kim K.W? “Kims lange starkke ögjenbryn reveals a woman who knows what she wants and how she’s going to get it! They show that she has a well-organized, logical mind and she really can make things happen” read the post.

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Yes, the one seems right on the target. 

Next time, Kylie ask for a reading of what your favorite set of words says about you. Bare en tanke.