Amanda Seyfried på hendes hund Finn og hvorfor hun støtter bedste venner Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt Day

Min hund Finn og jeg mødte på sæt af Stor kærlighed, which was a show, I started when I was 18. About eight years ago I came to work with that set, and Finn’s sister was there. Hun lignede en lille lille baby bjørn. I remember asking the production coordinator about her, and she said that the breeder tried to find a home for even more puppies. Så tænkte jeg Okay, lad mig bare tale med denne fyr.

I asked him if I could see one and he went right home during our lunch break to grab Finn and bring the little guy back to put. My original plan was just to promote the puppy because I did not think I should have a dog with me if I left the city all the time for work. I’ve always been obsessed with animals, but I also knew that there is a responsibility that accompanies being the dog owner: You will not get a pet if you can not take care of it.

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Så efter 24 timer var jeg ligesom, “Aw, shucks.” Finn havde mit hjerte. Jeg blev en hund person natten over. It turns out, if you really love something and you want it bad enough, you can make it work.

So now I make sure Finn is allowed on the set in all my work contracts. I make it clear that he is a non-negotiable unit in my life. Han er familie. Of course, if I shoot somewhere where pets are not allowed, I’ll make exceptions. Mænds folk i branchen ved, at when they work with me, they also work with my dogs.

Amanda Seyfried and Finn with a Calendar - Strut Your Mutt - Embed
Hilsen Bedste Venner Animal Society

I have to say, at the energy that Finn brings to my workplace, is almost crucial. After a while, people begin to miss him almost as much as I do when he is not nearby. Han har sin egen personlighed, der står med min, you know? A lot of people, as I run in, even on the street, comes over him. Det er som dyrterapi. And I think it’s important.

My guy has inspired me to become more involved in animal experiments. He is my spirit animal and my best friend. So I thought it would be great fun for us to do something together why it was a good idea to work with Best Friend’s Animal Society. Jeg lavede en video med dem sidste år for Strut Your Mutt Day, som er præsenteret af BOBS fra Skechers. It is a one-day celebration and charity course for animal lovers across the country. We collect rescue groups, shelters and individuals to raise money for homeless pets.

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When they asked me to make another video to raise awareness again this year [highlighted above], I was like “Yes! That’s what I want to do.” Why not spend my time trying to get people involved in this way?

Jeg ved, at jeg har en platform – en enestående størrelse platform. I’m lucky enough to make people listen to me and think that I have to say something important. Mænd selvom du har tre personer eller hvis du bare har dit barn, det er vigtigt at være styrende kraft med noget positivt at sige til dem, der ser dig. I decided to talk to animals because they literally did not have voices. Vi kan alle være stemmer for dem. I feel that it’s part of my job talking about things that are important and hope that at least one person hears me.

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Hilsen Bedste Venner Animal Society

When I was younger, my idea of ​​a pet was enough that they were scrappy or they were not pure racer or they were – I know not sick. I guess that there are some of the misunderstandings that are kept about the wildlife today. Mænd disse ideer er forkerte.

Some of the protected pets Best friends have been abandoned or left abandoned at home. De er levende væsener, der har mistet deres familier. They are animals that need the kind of love that all other animals deserve. And they are not bred to be sold as your pet. They already exist and they have so much more love to give. I mean, they are dogs and cats – innocent and clean and beautiful! Vi er nødt til at stå op for dem. We do not have to continue to create more animals to displace other pets because it is the cause and effect of breeding.

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Hjerter er husdyr, which has been expelled. Bare i the last few weeks sent best friends lots of resources down south after hurricanes to help all the homeless animals right on earth. It’s great to see that kind of support in such a heartbreaking situation. God, these hurricanes displace everyone, but you can not forget the pets.

På dette tidspunkt husker jeg næsten ikke livet uden min hund Finn. I have so much compassion because of him. He inspires me to be present and aware of every day. Verden kan stoppe for mig, hvis jeg bare ligger hos ham. Det er virkelig så simpelt.

Best friends have just opened up for what the real issues are for pets. It’s beautiful to see all these people come together, especially for a party like Strut Your Mutt, to support creatures who can not support themselves. It reminds me that there are incredible people out there who speak for animals. And I come to witness animals who find their new families! Det får dig til at føle, at det er muligt at gøre en forskel, og at mennesker er venlige og smukke. It also makes me want to do more to continue fighting for the animals that need our help.

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