Du vil gerne afhente Amy Schumer’s seneste læsning, Stat

Amy Schumers seneste læsning lyder som et must-have for all who feel “helpless” in the current political climate. Med stilKan maj dække pige fortalte os om bogen hun bingeing lige nu, momentum.

“It gives all these examples through the story of how small groups of people organize the course of changed history. It is encouraging because I know some people feel really helpless right now, and it is therefore nice to be reminded that we har noget magt, så længe vi bliver aktive. “

Fra bogen Momentum. We have the power to protect each other

Et indlæg delt af @amyschumer på

Klik her for at bestille momentum ($ 30; madeby.sypartners.com) nu. Bogen sendes i juni 2017.

For mere fra Amy Schumer, afhent maj udgave af Med stil, Available on newsstands and for digital download now.

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