How many money do you get when you win an Oscar?

Oscars are the most prestigious ceremony in the show industry, and each year the golden statues are awarded to the very best. Mænd til vinderne er langt mere om at tjene fame og ære end det handler om at polstere deres bankkonto.

So how much money do you get when you win an Oscar? The short answer is $ 0. To take home one of the coveted trophies does not come with a monetary bonus.

And do not even think about trying to sell it: Every Oscar winner must sign a document saying that the academy has first dibs on any Oscars sales and the only price they pay to buy it back from you, er kun $ 10.

Hvordan Much Money Do You Get When You Win an Oscar
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It’s true: The Statue – which costs an estimated $ 500 to $ 900 to create, depending on the price of gold will only cost you $ 10 if you try to sell it back.

Mænd på vinde en Oscar kan komme med nogle indirekte indtjening. According to 2015 estimates from Hollywood agents, taking home and Oscar can lead to a pay rise of about 20 percent to the winner’s next project. Unfortunately, this dog comes with a big gender pay gap. Mandlige Oscar-vindere anslås to take home $ 3.9 million more, while women can only expect a $ 500,000 bonus.

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So how much money do you get when you win an Oscar? Teknisk ingen, men for mange er gevinsten uvurderlig.