Sådan får du det som Sofía Vergara er

Mange celebs og fitness enthusiast er fans af Megaformer, den fjederbaseret modstandstræner, der skræler kroppen fra mange af Hollywoods fineste figurer. It turns out that Sofía Vergara is dependent on the machine for regular training so I turned to the founder Sebastian Lagree to get pushed on movements, we can do home (even if you do not have your own megaformer) to get your legs to her.

I video above takes me through a movement similar to one that Vergara does at Megaformer to tone her gams (it begins with a basic lung-but it’s anything but basic, believe in me.)

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Perform this step for 60 seconds, several times a week to get the best results (and finally strengthen and tone the body, not bulk it-Lagree’s signature method). “We maximize the intensity of the muscles, but we minimize the effect on joints,” says Lagree. Det lyder godt for os!

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